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The month of July is almost upon us already! July is an exciting month because we members of the gym competing in a couple of different competitions, Olympic Weightlifting on the 6th and the Grit Fitness partner comp on the 27th.

Competitions can be fun and a great way to test ourselves.

Whilst competition is certainly not the main focus of our training at Resonate, CrossFit does provide us with an exceptional base of fitness and strength that does enable us, if we choose, to jump in and test ourselves when the opportunity presents.

Why would we want to put ourselves through the stress of a competition?

Well comps can be fun, rewarding and a great personal test, often we learn that we can do more than we thought we could so they teach us to back ourselves more in other difficult situations. They also teach us to be humble because even if we're amazing it's rare that we'll always be winning the gold medal!

Not winning is also great because it shows us that more is possible and that can motivate us to continue to train and further improve our skills, technique and fitness.

Entering and having a competition coming up on the calendar is also excellent motivation to get to the gym and get some work done even when sometimes we don't feel like it, if this helps us with our consistency then it's helping us with our overall fitness, health and giving us a bit more purpose to what we do.

So July is going to be a fun month and as the gym owner and coach I'm super proud of everyone who's throwing their hat in the ring and giving a comp a go. Remember there's no way you can loose, everyone will learn something about themselves and can be proud that they had a go, win, loose or draw makes no difference.

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