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CrossFit Resonate specializes in providing
strength and conditioning programming to the Northern Suburbs and surrounding areas of Hobart, Tasmania.  
Our current member ages range from 12-60+ years.  
If your goal is to get healthy, then we can help.  
At CrossFit Resonate we utilize CrossFit methodology to make our members fitter, faster, stronger and more powerful.







  CrossFit Resonate is also the home of Strongman in Southern Tasmania.  
As a founding member of Strongman Tasmania, we train, compete and encourage the growth of this great sport in our state.  
Strongman training is for everyone, whether you are 50kg or 150kg, everyone can benefit from picking up something awkward and moving it from point A to point B.




"CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to elicit a fitness that is broad, general and inclusive. We believe that fitness should be functional and that there is no point having muscles for the sake of having muscles. If your fitness does not help you within your chosen sport AND daily life, then perhaps you need to revisit your training methodology".
Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.
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Hard work inside

Hard work inside




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We offer regular trial classes, free for prospective members,
simply send an email to greg@cfresonate.com.au to find out when a suitable time slot is available.


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and hard work outside

and hard work outside

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