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Training with an injury

Injuries! Of course no one wants to get injured and no one likes it when they are injured but the occasional injury is a part of life and something we all have to deal with at some point.

Coach Paris has struggled with a few injuries in her time but always finds a way to keep training.

An injury can be something acute, you fall off your bike and break your arm, pretty obvious, but it can also be something chronic, caused over time with no real obvious start point. Chronic injuries tend to come about through overuse of a muscle group or joint leading to an imbalance of muscle strength, i.e. doing lots and lots of push ups but never doing and rows or pull ups can lead to a shoulder injury.

Sometimes the only thing to do is to rest the affected area, this is especially true with acute injuries, but other times the best thing you can do is to actually get into the gym and start working on rehabbing the injury. If it's a chronic injury lots of resting is unlikely to fix anything, you actually need to work to correct the imbalance!

Being injured can also be an opportunity to work on strength gains in other areas, for example in the case of your shoulder hurting, take the opportunity to work on leg strength or if your knee is bugging you start hitting some strict pull ups, ring dips and upper body rows whilst always putting in some effort on rehab/prehab exercises to stay healthy and move well!

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