We understand that choosing a training location is a big decision.  Let us reassure you that we are here to help you.  We are interested in helping you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals.  If you have any specific goals/requirements please come in and chat with us.

The first step is to turn up.  Everything else is easy after that.

At CrossFit Resonate we support a wide variety of athletes.  Our member goals range from endurance runners, Olympic lifters, Strongmen/women, sport specific goals, general well-being, weight loss and a lot of other goals.  We tailor specific training programs and cycles to suit each individuals needs.  

However, regardless of your goals, training is only part of the solution.  If you do not fuel your training appropriately, then you are fighting an uphill battle.  CrossFit Resonate have partnered with the Whole9 and have access to an exclusive nutrition guide, which all new members get for free.  

We are the only Whole9 partner in Tasmania.


I want to join, so what next?

When you decide to join us, you will need to participate in a 2 week on-ramp process.  This on-ramp course requires attending 3 times a week for 2 weeks (6 sessions total).  The purpose of on-ramp classes are to enable new members to learn the foundations of CrossFit in a structured way.

Once you have completed the on-ramp schedule, you are welcome to join in regular classes.

On-ramp topics covered include:
* Foundation Movements
* Olympic Lifting
* Terminology
* Copy of the Whole9 Nutrition Guide
* Attendance requirements
* How to get the most out of your membership