Child Minding
We have child minding available every Monday/Wednesday & Friday 12pm session

Showers & Change Rooms Facilities
Available onsite at every class

WOD/Strength Tracking
We utilise SugarWOD to track programs and member performance.  SugarWOD membership to CrossFit Resonate programming scheme is provided free to all our members.

Gymnastics Strength Classes
This is a weekly class on Tuesdays at 6:30pm (replacing the CrossFit session).  This class focuses on body control, straight arm and bent arm strength as well as correct position to enhance your gymnastic movements.  These are suitable for everyone, fully scalable to individual athletes from novice to advanced.

Olympic Lifting Classes
These compliment our Olympic Lifting Program.  Currently run on Thursday night at 4:30pm and 6:30pm in place of typical CrossFit classes.  These classes focus on form and positional corrections throughout the Olympic lifts.  If you want to improve your snatch and clean & jerk (and hence power output) then these are 'the must do' classes of the week.

Open Gym
Open gym is free time where athletes are able to work on a skill or catch up on a missed workout.  Open gym sessions are fully coached.

Endurance Run Training
We provide run specific training and group activities to enable our members to compete in longer duration events.  Currently we have members training for the NorthFace 100km & 50km events coming up in May 2016. 

Strongman Training
Multiple days training programs are provided for our members who want to focus on Strongman training.  This will range from assistance exercises to event training techniques. This is complimented by our Strongman Saturday sessions that are open to all.  

Strongman Saturday sessions are free for members and cost $20 for non-members.
They run from 10am-11:30am most Saturday's.