John Wright
I started training at CrossFit Resonate (CFR) in January 2014.  I started as an obese “former athlete” having represented Tasmania in Basketball at 17 and 18, played Rugby Union and enjoyed social Basketball and Volleyball (beach and indoor) for many years.  I was obese for the majority of those years, which took a huge toll on my lower body joints, I didn’t squat or deadlift after leaving college and made many half arsed attempts to attend “Globo Gyms” for many years.  I was a couch potato of the highest order!

I had been encouraged by a work colleague to try Crossfit for a couple of years but put it off until one day my wife sent me a link to the CFR website.  I thought I’d give it a go as it was close to home and much more affordable than the box my friend trained at.  I emailed Greg, turned up for the free trial session and within a couple of weeks I was hooked.

 Since then I’ve made huge strength gains, my joints feel great, I’ve learned how to push myself harder (but not too hard! haha).  I've done things I thought I’d never be able to do, like the two Olympic lifts, rope climbs and double unders (still working on them!), I’ve taken up competing in Strongman Events and finished 2nd overall in my weight division in the 2015 Strongman Tasmania 4 round series and made many, many new friends who have been known to band together like a family when one of our team hits a rough patch! 

CFR’s Whole9 affiliation has also been huge for me, I’ve had ups and downs, but following the Whole30 at various points has seen me lose up to 9kg in 30 days and feel fitter, stronger and more alert than I ever have.  Though personal issues have seen me stray from the plan of late, I will be making my way back as soon as possible.

Jeanine Taylor
Since joining Resonate, I have increased my strength and fitness to levels I never thought I could achieve.  The coaches and fellow Resonators are very supportive when it comes to setting and achieving goals, they're like one big family.

Kayla Kate Phyliss Gill
I started training at Crossfit Resonate in April 2013 after having my first child. The moment I walked into my very first class I felt supported and encouraged by the coaches and athletes. I returned day in day out for 2 weeks despite being absolutely exhausted and sore as I was using muscles I forgot existed. I get to share this journey with my children and even they enjoy going to the "gym" and are starting to learn new skills. Crossfit is more than just being physically fit, it's how I mentally feel after working out and the impact I am making on my children for a healthy lifestyle.  I have loved every minute of my Crossfit journey and I'm excited about the futures new challenges.

Jane Booth
Over 2 years ago I walked up the driveway to my first CrossFit class.  I had severe sciatica which according to the medical profession could only be relieved by invasive surgery and would then result in only being able to do limited physical activity for the rest of my life. I chose to try conservative treatment and with 100% support and guidance from my coaches around diet and exercise, was pain free within a short period of time. I have not had a re-occurrence to date. 

CrossFit Resonate offers a holistic approach to exercise, nutrition & work/life/family balance.  The physical and mental benefits are one aspect. The relationships I have formed and my “safe place” as I call it, has not only opened its arms to myself, but to my children.  Resonate is now my extended family and a very important part of my day to day life.

Renata Cowen
It was only a few short months ago that I started at CrossFit Resonate and little did I realise just how lost I was at the time.  I've been weight training for many years but I had come to a point in my fitness journey where I was lacking direction and focus in my training.  I had recently competed in my first Powerlifting competition but I was now searching for something different. Something to push myself both physically and mentally and in more ways than one. I knew I needed a change BUT a change that still involved weight training so I contacted CrossFit Resonate for a trial run. 

When I first approached CrossFit Resonate in August 2015 I really had no idea what to expect. My previous years of weight training involved specific training for Bodybuilding and Powerlifting so starting at CrossFit in a group training environment was really quite daunting for me! I was nervous, I was excited and I was as keen as a bean to learn something new!  From the very outset everyone was very welcoming and I felt completely at ease.  It is definitely one of the most supportive training environments I've been involved in where everyone is supportive of each other and their individual fitness goals regardless of your fitness level or weight training abilities.

In the short time that I have been training at CrossFit Resonate I have completely stepped out of my comfort zone and participated in things I never thought I would.  I have since competed in my very first Strongman Competition and most recently I conquered my first Marathon - the 64km Bruny Island Ultra Team Relay Marathon as part of the CrossFit Resonate Team.  I have gained a wealth of knowledge and new skills since starting at CrossFit Resonate, I look forward to see where this journey will take me!!

Kimberly Dodge
I was one of those people going along to group exercise classes most days saying “no way will I ever do that CRAZY Crossfit Stuff”.  I wasn’t getting great results until I started one-on-one training with a Personal Trainer but this option was not financially sustainable.  In March 2014  I attended my first session with an existing Resonate member “just to try it”,  and I have never looked back. 
It’s been almost 2 years since starting my Crossfit journey and it has been the best decision ever, I have dropped 10 kilos, reduced body fat percentage by over 10%, gained muscle and changed my body composition completely.  I have a much better understanding about nutrition since doing the WHOLE 30 challenge in June 2014, and I now follow these guidelines as a part of my everyday lifestyle.  

I really enjoy the Crossfit style training as the programming is constantly varied, not one day is ever the same, which is good for me as I get bored easily.  I have never been able motivate myself in a gym on my own.

The coaching staff at Resonate are full of knowledge, support and encouragement.  It’s my second home and my second family, my kids and I always feel very welcome.  I travel 30 mins from home, driving past 2 other Crossfit boxes to train at Resonate because I enjoy training there so much, I have made some great friends along the way.

During my time at Resonate I have competed in all types of competitions, local and state-wide which are always loads of fun.

I highly encourage people to do themselves a favour and give Crossfit a go, Crossfit is for absolutely anyone and everyone.  Hope to see you soon!