State Final Workouts - Festival of Strength, December 9.

The State final of the Bioflex Affiliate Cup will be held on Saturday 9th at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds as part of the Festival of Strength.

All series points are wiped and winner takes all for the final.

Event 1: Pairs Event, Mixed Teams

Box Jump

Deadlift Weights - Men 125kg, Women 85kg
Box Heights - Men 30", Women 24"

At the count of 3-2-1 Go, the male partner will complete the workout.  Once complete a physical tag must be made and the female partner will then complete the workout.  Only 1 barbell and box will be provided.  Competitors must change weights and flip the box over.

Event 2: Pairs Event, Remaining Mixed Team

6 Rounds for time of:
10 Single arm DB Snatch
100m Sprint

Each team will start with the male athlete.  After each round partners will alternate until the team has completed 6 rounds total.  Physical tag required upon round completion.  The DB Snatch must alternate arms.

Individual Events.
Each team must allocate 1 member to each station.

Individual 1: Conans Wheel. Weight TBC.  Competitors will have 60 seconds to move the wheel as far as possible.  Skids or frame is not allowed to touch the ground at any point.

Individual 2: AMRAP 5, Max Squat Clean & Jerk's.  Male weight is 75kg, Female weight 50kg.  The Squat clean is worth 1 point and the jerk also scored as 1 point.  However each must be completed in order to proceed.

Individual 3: Max Strict Pullups on Yoke - unbroken.

Individual 4: 5 Minutes to find a max 10m OH Yoke.  Teams can assist loading the yoke.

Final Event:

For reps:
1 minute max distance OH BB Lunge 60/40kg
Rest 1 minute
1 minute max reps pistols (L+R=2)
Rest 1 minute
1 minute max calories row


Establish a 1-rep-max shoulder-to-overhead for each athlete, in 12 minutes from the start of Event the whole event (first athlete on the OH BB Lunge).

One athlete starts at the first station. In the second minute, they move on and next athlete starts. And so on. Early athletes have more time to do 1-rep-max effort. Teams of 4.

This will be scored as 2 events.  Firstly all teams reps will be added up.  The second scoring change is all teams shoulder to overhead weights added up.  


Each event above will be scored on a 4 points for first, 3 for second, 2 for third and 1 for last.  There are 8 scoring events above, each worth a maximum of 4 points.


Week 4 Event List

Southern Sectionals on Friday 27th at CrossFit Resonate from 6pm.

Northern Sectionals on Saturday 28th at CrossFit Agema from 10am.



Event 1

Assign 1 person to each of the following tasks:

1.1 Max peg board climbs unbroken.  The athlete will have as long as required to ascend up and down the pegboard.  Feet cannot touch the ground and pegs cannot leave hands.  Each level of the peg board must be used on ascent and descent, however both pegs do not need to go in both levels (ie 1 level at a time).  Score is counted in reps, 1 rep per peg placement.

1.2 Max strict press for reps in 90 seconds.  Weights are 50/35kg.  Each rep must be reset and start from the shoulders.  This will be from racks.  The weight can be re-racked or dropped and cleaned.  

1.3 Max GHD Situps in 90 seconds.  Touch will be required on the ground and on the feet.  Athletes can rest or stop.  The rep will start with a touch on the ground and conclude with a touch on the feet.  Score will be repetitions performed.

1.4 Max distance OH Lunge with 2xKettlebell's 24/16kg in 90 seconds.  Athletes must hold 2 KB's overhead and lunge for distance.  No "stagger steps" are permitted, although the trailing leg is allowed to stand up next to the other leg prior to stepping forward.   In the event of a break or stagger, athletes need go back to the previous 1m mark and start again.  Score will be recorded in meters made.  The trailing knee is required to make contact with the ground.  If it does not and the athlete starts to move forward they will be required to return to the previous meter mark.

Each event here is scored as a separate event.

Event 2 - 13rm Front Squat

Each team has 15 Minutes for every athlete to find a 13rm Front Squat.  This weight will be taken from the ground.  Squat clean is OK for rep 1.  Each team will be assigned a 20kg barbell and appropriate weights.  Collars must be used and each weight must be confirmed and nominated with the judge prior to lifting.  Scores will be the team total.

Event 3 - “RICKY WOD”

In memory of our late coach, Ricky Maui, we will be performing his named workout as the last event.  Ricky Maui was one of our first CFR members, our Gymnastics Coach and a good friend.

3:45 Ring Muscle Ups

3.2 AMRAP 20
50 Double Unders
40 Pullups
30 TTB
10 Squat Snatch 50/35kg

The part 1 amrap is done for the time Ricky is on the CrossFit Resonate board at 30 muscle ups.

Each muscle up in part 1 is worth 10 reps for part 2, and overall scoring. So say you get 5 muscle ups, and complete 1 round, your score is 5×10=50 + 50+40+30+20+10 = 200

Each part of this workout (3.1 & 3.2) will be completed by pairs from each team.  Pair 1 will have 3:45 to complete as many ring muscle ups as possible.  Each ring muscle up completed is worth 10 points overall.  EG, a team completes 30 muscle ups, for the overall scoring that is worth 300 reps.

The remaining 2 team members will complete the 20 min amrap together.  Only 1 athlete working at a time, tag required on change of athlete.  Each rep in this part is only worth 1 point.  Completing a whole round is therefore worth 150 points.  

At the completion of the workout, both scores will be added together for the overall score.

Ricky Maui

For those of you who don’t know Ricky, here’s some words about him, written by his sister Danielle, who is also a CrossFit Resonate founding member:

Ricky was born in Hobart on 24.05.1991 and grew up in the northern suburbs. Ricky was an accomplished gymnast. His achievements included state champion at levels 4, 5, 7 & 8 and represented Tasmania at level 7 & 8 in the Australian Championships where he won bronze, silver & gold on the parallel bars over 3 consecutive years and was selected to represent Australia at level 7. Ricky was a high achiever in all aspects of his life. He was awarded apprentice of the year in his 3rd and 4th years of his carpentry trade. After his 16 years of gymnastics Ricky joined Crossfit Resonate in April 2013 after the constant nagging of his older sister Danielle and fell in love with the training instantly. Ricky’s gymnastics skills made him an excellent crossfitter from day 1 but he still worked hard to master every skill thrown at him. He was a quite achiever but when it came to fellow crossfitters achievements he was always very supportive & encouraging. Ricky took on the role of gymnastics coach at Resonate passing on his wealth of knowledge to his fellow crossfitters. Ricky first caught the eye of his partner Jacki at the box doing a backsault into a ring muscle up. Not long after at a crossfit party Danielle played cupid and got Ricky & Jacki dancing and it was love ever since. Ricky was the king of muscle ups, double unders, pull ups, T2B, handstand push ups & full snatch hence todays wod. Ricky would have smashed us at this workout but as soon as he was done he would have been straight by our side to cheer us on.


Week 3 Event List


Event 1 & 2- Team Required    
in 4 waves, 1 team member in each wave.  Athletes will work for as long as possible on the following EMOM:
8 Thrusters 42.5/30kg 8 lat bar burpees.

At 5 minutes, reps increase on each movement by 1.  at 10 minutes, by 2, 15 minutes by 3, etc.  Once you can't make the required reps within the time frame you are out.  Your score will be the total reps completed over the whole workout.  Heat waves will be:
4 male, 4 female, 4 male, then 4 female.  

Male athletes will use a 20kg barbell, female athletes a 15kg barbell.  There will be strict requirements on finish position of the thruster overhead.  Each teams female scores will be added together and will be awarded 4 points for the highest place 2 girls, 3 for second, etc.  The same will be done with male athletes to determine points allocation.  This is effectively 2 events. 

Event 3 - Team Required
All athletes work for 30 seconds each to accumulate AMRAP Cal on the airdyne.  For each athlete, the Airdyne will start in power save mode.  The clock on the airdyne will be used to determine the 30 seconds.  At the call of time, the athlete will let go all handles and feet must leave the pedals.  The airdyne will be allowed to tick over to the final calorie.  If it's deemed the athlete keeps applying effort post the call of time, 5 calories will be deducted.

Event 4 - 2 Athletes Required
Any two athletes do Open wod 14.4, one athlete working at a time, swap as required (can be two boys/girls or mixed).  

Athletes can break up the workout in anyway with the only stipulation being that they physically tag on changeover. The score will be completed reps.

Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of:
• 60-calorie row
• 50 toes-to-bars
• 40 wall-ball shots, 10/6kg to 10/9 Feet
• 30 cleans, 62.5/40kg
• 20 ring muscle-ups

Event 5 - 2 Athletes Required
The remaining 2 athletes have 10 minutes to accumulate as many back squats as possible for load moved. Each pair will share a 20kg barbell and weights.  This is from the rack.  Weight used can be different for each person, but cannot be changed.  E.G. Athlete 1 does 60kg and athlete 2 does 40kg, they cannot alter those weights at all.  Score is total weight moved when combined.  Bars will start empty and athletes must advise their judge of the weights each will squat prior to starting.






Week 2 Event List



Pairs Event 1

One male and female from each team to complete, in 12 minutes find the max weight the female can C&J and the male can then snatch. For example if the female C&J’s 80kg the boy must snatch it for the score to count.  The female athlete must complete the clean and jerk before the male attempts the snatch. 

Athletes will use a 15kg barbell, only 1 bar and weights per team.  Weight increases will be restricted to 2.5kg (1.25 each side).

The team score is the combined weight of the 2 lifts.  

Pairs Event 2

Remaining male and female to complete, 12 minute alternating climbing ladder:

10 double unders

1 Bar muscle up (or 3 CTB Pullups).  

Once the first athlete completes the rep scheme of the round, they next athlete would complete the next level of the scheme,   EG Boy 1 does 10 Du’s + 1 bar muscle up, girl does 20 Du’s + 2 bar muscle up, boy then does 30 DU’s + 3 bar muscle ups, girl then does 40 DU's + 4 Bar Muscle ups, etc.

CTB can be used instead of bar muscle ups, but must be done still unbroken and with a multiplier of 3.  Eg, boy 1 does 10 Du's + 3 CTB's, girl 1 does 20 DU's + 2 bar mup, boy 1 does 30 Du's + 9 CTB, girl 1 does 40 Du's + 4 Bar Mup's. In the event of teams being on the same round, the scores will be recorded to include the reps completed successfully in that final round.  This will include max effort reps that may not constitute a complete ladder.  Eg, at the call of time, team A has just completed the 100 double unders + 10 bar muscle up round.  In the next round, athlete 2 is attempting to finish 110+11 but only got to 90 double unders before breaking.  Score will be 10+90.  In the event that a team reaches a point they can't proceed past, their best unbroken effort will be taken as their score.

Athletes can rest at the top of the bar muscle up only with straight arms and must not let go of the rig.


Team event 1

Ski-Erg for Cal – 4 minutes.  Each team member has 1 minute on a running clock on the ski-erg for the team to score total cal.  Athletes must swap every minute and only have 1 turn each.  Athletes will start at one end of the gym and have to run to the ski-erg to start.  On change over, the active athlete must run back to the team and tag the next athlete before they move off the line.

Score will the calories obtained at the expiration of 4 minutes on the gym clock, not the ski-erg console.  Change-over instructions will be given each minute the gym clock ticks over.  The ski-erg will start in power save mode and be "woken" by the first athlete.


Team Event 2

As a team complete the following AMRAP20

20 Burpee box Jump Overs 30/24”
20 Squat cleans 80/60
20 C2B Pull Ups
20 Push Jerk 80/60kg

Only one athlete at each station.  Eg team 1 decides the following:
Member 1 Burpee Box Jump overs.
Member 2 Squat Cleans
Member 3 C2B Pullups
Member 4 Push Jerk
During the AMRAP only member 1 does the burpee box jumps,  When he/she is finished they hand tag member 2 who does the squat cleans, etc.  Once member 4 has completed the push jerk they hand tag member 1 who starts the next round for burpee box jump overs.

Teams will only have 1x 15kg barbell and weights.  If male/female are performing the cleans and jerks, teams will be responsible for swapping their own weights.

Teams cannot swap stations during the workout.

At the same time teams must row for distance as available.  Any athlete can row any distance or at any part, but of course the team cannot move through the AMRAP if the athlete on the rower is due to perform their reps.

This workout is scored as 2 separate events.  1 part is for the row distance and 1 is for the AMRAP.  Teams must complete 1 full round of the AMRAP and at least 3km row to score a point.  Failing to meet either of these requirements will result in a score of zero for that part of the event. 


This round has 5 scoring opportunities.  Scores will be given as 4 points for winning, 3 points for second, etc.  If teams fail to record a rep/distance in an event they will score 0.

Points for each round carry forward for the overall leaderboard.  The top 2 teams from each region will go into the final event at the Festival of Strength.



Northern Sectionals

Southern Sectionals


Week 1 Event List


The opening rounds workouts will take place at:

Southern Venue: CrossFit Resonate, 59a Albert Road, Friday 6th from 6pm.
Northern Venue: CrossFit Devonport, 32 Don Road, Saturday 7th from 10am.

Event 1: 2rm Bench

in 15 minutes, each team member is to find a 2 rep max bench press. This will be a PAUSED bench press. The athlete must display control at the top of the rep. Then they will be given a “down” signal. After a 1 second pause on the chest, a “press” signal will be given. The athlete must also display control at the top of the lift. This process will be repeated for the second lift. The team score will be the combined totals of all 4 athletes. Minimum increments for jumps are 2.5kg. Other team members can assist with spotting, un-racking the weight and re-racking. Any touch of the barbell by other athletes during the 2 reps will be deemed a failed attempt. All reps must be completed within the 15 minute time cap to count. Collars must be used. At all times during the lift, athletes feet must remain in contact with the ground.  Hips and head must not come off the bench or a no-lift will be given. The weight must be confirmed with the judge prior to attempting the lift.

Event 2: 2 Minute Station of:
Frame Carry 225kg
Handstand Walk
Airdyne Calories
Deadlift 120kg

Teams must assign 1 member to each station. Each workout is a 2 minute duration for max on effort on that station. Team members only participate in 1 part. The weights provided are fixed. There are no dual weights for male/female.

The frame carry will be done on a 10m track. The frame will start behind a line and be scored form the front passing over each meter.

The Handstand walk will be done on a 10m track. The athlete must start walking with feet behind the line, but can “reach” past the line with hands to start. Once the athlete reaches the end of the 10m section they can drop and turn to resume. If the athlete falls during the walk, or deviates off the track provided (10mx1m) then they will need to come back to the last 2m marking and start again (markings will be at 0,2,4,6,8m). Score will be to the meters gained from where the hands pass over. This will be scored to the odd distance also (eg, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

Airdyne Calories – as written

Deadlift Reps – Athletes will need to reset each rep. Hitching is OK, however athletes will be given a clear “REP” signal at the top of each lift. Athletes must wait for this signal for the lift to count. Dumping is not allowed, hands must stay on the barbell until it returns to the ground. Straps are Ok.

Event 3: Relay workout

In relay format with one athlete working at a time complete the following for time (20min cap):

Row 1km
10 Clean and Jerk 70/50
30 pull ups

IE, athlete 1 completes the whole workout, then runs back and tag’s athlete 2.  The next athletes can be sitting on the rower ready but cannot start until a physical tag has been made.  Each team is allocated 1 barbell and weights and must be swapped as needed by the other team mates.  Your time is when the 4th athlete finishes the final pullup.  In the event a team does not finish in the time cap, the score will be the completed athletes plus the final reps.  Eg, Team 1 has 3 athletes finish and the 4th person gets time capped on 5 clean & jerk their score will be 3 + 1005. 


Points will be awarded in each event based on placing.  The highest ranking ream receives 1 point, next highest 2 points, etc.  Overall placings will be determined by the totals.  Event 2 has 4 parts, each part is scored separately, effectively making it 6 events for the night.  In the case of a tie on points.  The team best placed on event 3 will be awarded the winning team on the night.

If an athlete fails to move an implement (eg 0m on the handstand walk) then no points will be awarded.  In this event, points will be distributed as normal for the other competitors.

Please ensure that at all times you are complying with the "spirit" of the competition.  If the movement standard is deemed to be altered too far from the intended exercise then athletes will be given zero warning and scored as such, regardless of if that meets the detailed requirements.





Final Teams for the Bioflex Affiliate Cup

Southern Teams

CrossFit Resonate
Kayla Pennicott
Danielle Maui
Amy Thompson
Eden Hills
Julian Cole
Darren Simpson

CrossFit 42 South
Kath Olechowski
Rach Hass
Alice barber
Jake young
Kirk Devereaux
Matt stevenson 

Kyle Challenger
Daniel Baer
Kahn Sandy
Nikki Salter
Darcy Joyce
Claire Haberle

CrossFit Colossus
Eleni Gallagher
Gaylene Pickrell
Juanita Mayne
Hamish McInerney
Henry French
John Donaghy

Northern Teams:

CrossFit MSD
Adam turner
Sam Townsend
Christian Byard
Elyse Hatchard
Sarah peisker
Lucy Clark

CrossFit Devonport
Rene O’Neill
Georgia Thomas
Jessie Sawtell
Thomas Brooks
Joe Loone
Eric Macqueen

CrossFit Agema
Jaymeila Webb
Beth Butt
Hannah Richardson
Michael Vinson
Shannon Manson
Simon Lindsay

Andrew Gleeson
Cody Stasek
Saul Smith
Punarai Churat
Melissa Sherrif
Sarah Brookes

CrossFit Levitate
Due to unforeseen unavailability Levitate will not be entering an Official team in the comp.  Each week they will compete as a guest team with a changing group of 4.  Points will not be awarded to them for the competition.

Affiliate Cup 2017

CrossFit Resonate are pleased to be putting on the 2017 Affiliate Cup.

For the first time, we have now opened this annual competition to gym's outside of the CrossFit sphere.  Welcome aboard Go Team Training and Movement Effects! 


Southern Teams:

CrossFit Resonate

CrossFit Colossus

CrossFit 42 South

Go Team Training (GTT)


Northern Teams:

CrossFit Agema

CrossFit Levitate

CrossFit MSD

CrossFit Devonport

Movement Effects


Team Format
As per last year, teams will consist of 6 athletes, 3 female and 3 male.  Team member names must be provided to us by Friday 29th September.  No other athletes outside these 6 are permitted to compete for your Gym.  Each Friday/Saturday will require 4 team members to compete under your gym name (2 Male + 2 Female).  The top placed 2 teams from each region will be invited to compete at the Festival of Strength competition on 9th December 2017.  Again, only named athletes from the team will be permitted to participate in this comp.  There is no qualifying requirement for an athlete though.  They may not have done any of the 4 October rounds and still be eligible to compete in December.



Key Dates:
Some important dates:

·        Team Makeup by: Friday 29th September

·        First round Workout released: Sunday 1st October, 5pm

·        Website for information:

·        Start Times: 6pm Friday nights in the south, 10am Saturday Mornings in North



Southern Event Schedule:

Friday 6th October @ CrossFit Resonate

Friday 13th October @ CrossFit Colossus

Friday 20th October @ CrossFit 42 South

Friday 27th October @ CrossFit Resonate


Northern Event Schedule:

Saturday 7th October @ CrossFit Devonport

Saturday 14th October @ CrossFit MSD

Saturday 21st October @ CrossFit Levitate

Saturday 28th October @ CrossFit Agema


State-Wide Final

Saturday 9th December at Royal Hobart Showgrounds, from 2pm.


Weekly Format:

Each week on the preceding Sunday night, workouts will be released for that weekend here.  Whilst it is anticipated that the workouts are done exactly the same in the North and South areas, some allowances may be needed for equipment.   This will be sorted out during the week and advised to all teams.  The Northern sectionals will be organized and run by Chris Bellette from CrossFit Devonport.  He has the final say on any issues or deciding factors.


Time domain:

We are anticipating that all events should be done within 2 hours. 

Affiliate Cup Finals - WOD's


Saturday 13th Feb at CrossFit 42 South Starting at 10am.

Northern Teams: CrossFit MSD, CrossFit Levitate
Southern Teams: CrossFit 42 South, CrossFit Colossus

Part 1.1
1 Male team member working, for time, move the following sandbags 15m to the loading platform:


1 Female team member working, for time, move the following sandbags 15m to the loading platform:


3 minute time-cap, hands must be off the sandbag.  Score is time to complete the loading.  If an athlete cannot load all the sandbags, the team score will be zero, no partial score will be given.

Sandbags cannot be carried by the collar. 

In that event the any team member scores a 0, that team will score the maximum 4 points from this event.  Multiple teams may be awarded 4 points.

Part 1.2:
Rising axel deadlift.  The other male and female that did not complete part 1, will (in conjunction with other competing teams) run through a rising deadlift bar challenge.   The bar will start at 140/80kg and every competing team member (1 male and 1 female from each 4 teams, so 1 male bar with 4 members and 1 female bar with 4 members starting) will be required to perform 1 rep.  The bar weight will rise by 10kg for each round, until there are only 2 competitors left on each bar, then it will slow to 5kg increments.  Score will be the highest weights of each combined lifter.  On the call of your name, athletes will have 30 seconds to complete the lift.  The highest lifter may continue to lift on his/her own until failure, hence adding more to the team total.  They will still be subject to the 30 second requirement and will still have to complete the incremental lifts.

Straps OK.

Strictly no dumping.  Hands must remain on the bar until it settles on the ground.

Part 2.1

One male and one female athlete complete the open WOD 15.5.  Both athletes working together, score is the combined times to complete.  No time-cap.
27-21-15-9 Reps for time of
Row (cal)
Thrusters 42.5/30kg

Part 2.2
The remaining male and female athlete not in part 2.1 are to complete the following AMRAP7
10m Hand Stand Walk (must be unbroken)
2 Rope Climbs 15’
1 Atlas Stone to platform 70/50kg

In the event of the call of time, if an athlete is on the handstand walk they will be given a score equivalent to meters made, measuring to their closest last point of contact of hands.

Feet must start behind the designated cones, hands can cross at the start.  The handstand walk must see both hands pass over the designated marker of 10m to be successful.  If both hands do not pass over the designated line, the walk must be recompleted.

Scores are the combined reps (each meter on the handstand walk = 1 point).

Part 3

1 male and 1 female partners working together complete rowing ½ Murph. 

Row 800m
50 Pullups
100 Pushups
150 Squats
Row 800m

Both athletes are required to complete the rows (working simultaneously).  The pullups/pushups/squats must be performed in the order written, ie all pullups then all pushups then all squats.  These are pair totals to achieve.  They reps can be broken up as each team wishes.   Partners cannot start the pullups until both partners have finished their row. 

Once the opening pairs have finished, the clock will reset and the remaining male and female pairs will also complete rowing ½ Murph.

Scores will be the combined times of both pairs. The time will be taken when the last person finishes the row.  Teams cannot start the final row until all the 50/100/150 have been successfully completed.