Festival of Strength - Fittest Gym in Tasmania, 14th September from 7:30am

The finals are held at the Festival of Strength. This takes place at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds on 14th September. Spectators welcome, $10 entry.

Affiliate Cup 2019 - Finals

Qualifying teams are:
CrossFit Agema
Buff Strength & Conditioning
CrossFit 42 South
CrossFit Colossus – Mornington

All teams can use 6 members for this round, as long as they participate in the first 2 WODS.  Team members that do not to WODS 1&2 cannot be used later on.  WODS 3 & 4 must have 2 males and 2 females used.

5 Teams will start WODS 1 & 2.  At the conclusion of WOD2, the last placed team will be dropped and scores will be reset.  After WOD 3 the fourth placed team will be dropped and scores will again be reset.  3 Teams will start the final team chipper WOD.  Note that there is a time bonus for starting on this WOD available from finishes in WOD 4.

Affiliate Cup 2019

Team wod one

6 rounds for time, alternate pairs each round.

15 minute cap

 50 Double Unders
10m synchro single arm KB OH lunges 24/16

 Both athletes to complete 50 double unders, no need to be synchronised. They will then pick up their respective KB’s and, holding them overhead, perform synchronised lunges for 10m (each meter section completed counts as 1 rep), making sure their knees are in contact with the ground at the same time. If one athlete completes the 10m lunge first, that athlete will need to continue taking steps until the second partner’s heel crosses the finish line


If a team is using all 6 members, they must each compete.  If team members do not participate in this event, they can not join in later. Odd number teams can swap out an athlete but each member must complete at least 2 rounds.  Minimum 2 male and 2 females for a team.


 Team wod two

5 Burpee CTB Pullups
5 Alternating KB Snatch 24/16kg (L+R=1)


Each team to rotate through each member in order, change over after each round complete.

 Teams must use the same members from WOD1. 



At the conclusion of the first two wods the 5th placed team will drop out of the comp.



WOD three  (2 Males + 2 Females)

Scores are reset and the remaining four teams to complete a relay of:



 Teams using more than 4 members can sit out athletes that can join back in for the final workout.  Teams must nominate 1 member for each of the Girl workouts.  At least 2 males and 2 females must be used for this event.

 15 minute time cap. One partner at each station, only one bar per team and wods to be completed in order. High five on changeover..  Teams are responsible for changing weights on the bar.  Teams will only have a 20kg barbell and appropriate weights.


The team in last place drops out of the comp.  Only 3 teams remain and scores get reset.


WOD four (2 Male + 2 Female Requird)

The last three teams to complete will split into pairs (M/M, F/F or M/F).  Each pair will be assigned to one of the following workouts:

Workout 1: EMOM Squat Clean & Jerk, starting at 60/40kg, then proceeding with the following weight increases.  Each minute 5 reps are required. 

Minute 2 65/42.5kg
Minute 3 70/50kg
Minute 4 75/55kg
Minute 5 80/60kg
Minute 6 85/65kg
Minute 7 90/70kg
Minute 8 95/72.5kg
Minute 9 100kg/75kg.
Minute 10 105/80kg
Minute 11 110/82.5kg
Minute 12 115/90kg

Weights to increase by 10/7.5kg for every minute beyond minute 12.

 There is no synchro requirement on this.  Only the working athletes can change weights.


Workout 2: Death by Synchro Bar Muscle ups (increasing in 1’s).  Note, teams will be on opposite side of pullup rig.

 Score completed rounds.


Time Bonus for WOD 5

Each completed round is worth a 20-second time bonus in the final team chipper. Ie if team A complete 8 rounds of squat cleans and 9 rounds of bar muscle ups, they get 340 seconds time bonus in the chipper. If team B got 8 rounds of thrusters and 8 of pull ups they would get 320 seconds time bonus. This means team A would start the final chipper 20 seconds before team B.


 Final WOD chipper (whole team)

For Time:

100 Ring Dips
90 Abmat Situps
80 Deadlift 100/70kg
70 Toes to bar
60 Box Jump Overs 24/20” (1 box per team)
50m Sandbag Carry 65/45kg – note there are only 2 pairs of sandbags, the team to complete the box jump overs last drops out
40 Shoulder to overhead 60/40kg
30 Sandbag over shoulder 65/45kg
20 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Sandbag Thrusters 65/45kg

Teams will have 2 bars

Alternate reps as required, hi-5 changeover required between working athletes.  All 6 team members are allowed to assist with any part of this workout – providing they participated in WODS 1 & 2.

After the box jump overs are completed the 3rd placed team will drop out.  This drop out will be based on the completion of the box jump overs, not who gets to the sandbags faster.

Teams will have 2 barbells for this event.   The team that completes this event first, wins the title of “Fittest gym in Tasmania”.