Week 1 Workouts - Friday 12th July 2019

Week 1 - Brought to you by Bulk Nutrients


Northern Sectionals: CrossFit Levitate from 5pm
Southern Sectionals: CrossFit 42 South from 5pm


Workout 1 (All team)
Time cap 10 Minutes
Score: Weight Moved
Back Squat for load moved

Each team will have 1 barbell. Each team member will nominate their own weight. Teams must cycle through their members in the order listed and each member must at least add 1 rep per turn and in total. Squat weights cannot be changed mid workout and will be nominated to the judge just prior to commencing. Weight will be taken from racks and collars must be used. Each squat must meet normal movement standards.

Workout 2 (Male+Female Pairs)
Score: Reps Completed
Max reps Synchro Shoulder to Overhead at 60/40kg

Every break each partner needs to do 10/8 calories on the assault bike prior to continuing. Teams have only 1 assault bike each. The calorie count must be reset between each member and prior to starting.

Workout 3 (Remaining Male+Female Pair)
Score: Reps Completed
Synchro Pullups

Every Break partners must complete 10 Synchronised burpees to target (pullup rig target) prior to continuing.

Workout 4 & 5 (All Team)

Each Pair (boys are a pair and girls are a pair) complete

4 Rounds
150m Row
12 Deadlift 60/40kg
9 Power Cleans 60/40kg
6 Front Squat 60/40kg

Swap as required during the 4 rounds. There is no requirement to split the workout evenly between team members.

Once the first pair have completed the 4 rounds, the second pair will complete the same.

Each team will have 2 barbells (1 x 20kg Barbell at 60kg and 1 x 15kg barbell at 40kg). Hi-5 tag will be required from the last working partner in the first group to the first working partner in the second group.

Along with the above being scored for time, each team will have an assault bike where the pair not working on the barbell will need to accumulate as many meters in a 15 minute time cap as possible. If the second pair on the barbell workout finish, they will NOT be available to help on the assault bike.

This is scored as 2 separate workouts. Workout 4 will be time taken when the second pair finishes their 4 rounds (so 8 rounds overall per team), workout 5 will be the meters gained on the assault bikes at the end of the 15 minutes.