Week 2 Workouts - Friday 19th July

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Northern Sectionals: Rest week
Southern Sectionals: GTT from 5pm

Workouts 1-4

With a 12 minute running clock each team to accumulate max:

BikeErg Meters
Air runner meters
Rower meters

All stations to be manned at once. Every three minutes you must change stations and athletes must rotate through all stations in the above order. The station after the rower is a rest station for 3 minutes. Score is what the machine runs to after the call of time. Any “effort” applied to a machine after the call of change or time will result in the machine being reset to zero.

Each station is scored separately, along with the total distance as a separate score.

Workout 5 Pair (boys)

5 minutes to accumulate max alternating man makers 2x22.5kg DB. Man maker standards are:
1. Athlete Starts standing fully locked out with DB’s at each side (hang position)
2. Athlete moves to fully prone with chest on floor and performs a pushup between the DB’s
3. At the top of the pushup the athlete alternates DB rows to the chest (L+R=1)
4. Burpee to thruster (can squat clean)
5. DB’s fully locked out overhead

 Workout 6 Pair (girls)

5 minutes to accumulate max sled push, alternate every 10m. Sleds will have 80kg of weight added. In alternating athletes the sled handles need to be moved from one end to the other of the sled. The sled will not be allowed to be turned 180 degrees.

Workout 7

For Time, each team members to complete the following: Time Cap 20 Minutes.

20 Burpee Box Jump Overs 18”
20 Alternating Box Step Ups with 2x22.5/15kg dumbells (L+R=2)
20 Alternating DB Snatch 22.5/15kg (L+R=2)
20m Single Arm OH DB Lunge 22.5/15kg

Athlete 1 will complete the whole workout prior to a hi-5 tag and then athlete 2 to start, etc.