Week 2 Events

DATE 14/09/2018





Part 1 - 13RM Front Squat

Each team has 12 minutes for each member to establish a 13rm Front squat.  Bar taken from racks single bar per team.  Collars required.

This is scored as 2 separate events.  All female athletes will be scored individually and all male athletes the same.  Each athlete will be assigned a point score (out of 10 for south and 6 for North reflecting the number of each males and females competing).  These points will be added together per team and then used to determine overall placing.  This will then be used to form the same 5-4-3-2-1 or 3-2-1 point format.

Part 2 - Male Partner WOD

Both male team members are to participate in the following:

8 Burpee Box Jump Overs 30/24"
10 Air Dyne Cal

Partners swap each round.  Burpees must be facing the boxes.  Stepping up is not allowed.  The air dyne must be reset each round by the non-working partner only.

This is scored as a single event

Part 3 - Female Partner WOD

Female team members to alternate rounds of an increasing EMOM workout.  Every 2 minutes 1 rep will be added to each movement.  

5 Pullups
10 Pushups (HR)
15 Air Squats

Minute 1, one female does the 5+10+15 then minute 2 the partner will complete the same rep scheme.  Providing they both achieve the reps required in under the minute, reps increase to 6+11+16 and continue with both partners performing their respective minute of work again. 

Once you miss a round or do not complete it in the time cap, your team is out and that is your score including the final round reps. 

Score will be the reps completed successfully, including the reps in the missed minute.

IMPORTANT: Pushups will be peformed with feet, hands and chest on 20kg plates.  Hips are not allowed to touch the ground at any point for a repetition to be successful. The pushup rep will be required to start at the top position.

This is scored as a single event

Part 4 - Partner DT

5 Rounds For Time
12 Deadlifts 70/50kg
9 Hang Power Cleans 70/50kg
6 Push Jerks 70/50kg

This event will require teams to complete DT in partnership. 

Both males will be required to complete "DT" First.  Once they have completed DT, they will tag in the female partners who will then complete DT. 

Only 1 bar will be given per team.  Weights will need to be changed by the team after the male partners have finished their part.

Reps can be broken up as required

Score will be the finished time of the Female pairs.  There is a time cap of 15 minutes.  In the event a team fails to finish, they will be scored for reps.

This is scored as a single event


Safe to say the Northern teams are much better at getting organised for group photos!