Week 4 (Final Round) Events

DATE    28/09/2018    



Part 1 - Individual Fun

Each team member to complete max reps in 90 seconds of one of the following

Peg Board (must climb through each level)
Double Unders
Shoulder to Overhead 60/40kg
Deadlift 150/110kg

This is scored as a 4 separate events

Part 2 - Partner WOD 1

With a 10 minute time cap, choose 2 partners to complete

10 Cal Row
10 Pullups

This is scored as a single event. Partners must alternate rounds.

Part 3 - Partner WOD 2

In 5 minutes, the remaining 2 partners, whilst holding a 160/120kg deadlift off the ground must perform max repetitions of

Kettlebell Thrusters (2x24/16kg).

Thrusters can only be performed while the bar is lifted. If the bar is dumped at any stage, the KB's must also return to the ground for reset KB's cannot be moved until the bar is up off the ground Teams can use 2 bars if they have a mixed pair.

This is scored as a single event

Part 4 - Team Event - "Ricky WOD"

Splitting into 2 pairs, teams must allocate a pair to each of the following

First Part

3:45 of Ring Muscle ups

Second Part

AMRAP 20 of:
50 Double Unders
40 Pullups
30 Toes to Bar
10 Squat Snatch 50/35kg

Partners can alternate as required within their part of the workout. All the muscle ups will be completed prior to all teams starting the AMRAP

This is scored as 3 events, the muscle up section, the AMRAP section and an overall. On the overall score, each muscle up is awarded 10 points.

E.g. the 2 athletes perform 15 muscle ups in part 1 and then the second 2 athletes perform 1 round + 50 Double unders. This would be scored as:
Part 1 = 15x10=150
Part 2 = 50+40+30+20+10+50= 200
Part 3 = 150+200=350