Week 1 Events

Date 7/09/2018

Venue CrossFit Somatic

CrossFit Colossus Mornington


Part 1 - Individual Death By's

Allocate 1 member to each of the following tasks

Chest to Bar
Thrusters 60/40kg
Wall Climbs (start and finish with chest on ground)
Wall Ball 10/6kg (10/9 Feet Targets)

The rep scheme will be in multiples of 3 for Thrusters and Chest to bar. 

The rep scheme will be in multiples of 5 for Wall Ball

The rep scheme will be in singles for wall climbs

Maximum time on each is 10 minutes.  In the event that an athlete completes all reps in the 10 minute time window, the 11th minute will be for max reps completed

This is scored as a 4 separate events

Part 2 - Team Girl WODs

Allocate 1 member from each team to the following Girl workouts.  Each girl workout will be completed in a "tag" format.  Only 1 barbell and weights will be provided per team. Teams must change the weights as needed. Collars required.

Time cap 15 minutes

Elizabeth (squat clean version)

This is scored as a single event

Part 3 - Rowing

Whilst Part 2 is being performed, teams will also have a rower that will be scored for distance at the end of 15 minutes.  Team members can swap whenever they need.

This is scored as a single event

Part 4 - Team Workout

Team members are to attempt to complete the following climbing ladder

Burpees (multiples of 3's) and double unders (multiples of 10's).

Team members swap each round.

I.e. Team member  1 performs 3 burpees + 10 Double unders in the first minute

Team member 2 then performs 6 burpees + 20 double unders in the second minute

Team member 3 then performs 9 burpees + 30 double unders in the third

Team member 4 then performs 12 burpees + 40 double unders in the fourth minute

Team member 1 then performs 15 burpees + 50 double unders in the fith minute


Score will be the highest completed round + the reps completed in the next round.  You cannot change the team order during the workout.

This is scored as a single event