Week 3 Events

Date    21/09/2018    

GTT (Southern Event only)

Part 1 - Partner WOD

2 members will have 10 minutes to work through AMRAP of the following            
400m Air Runner            
100 Double Unders    
400m Row            
This will be in a bump format, team member 1 starts and goes through the workout            
Team member 2 can start on a station only when team member 1 is finished.  The            
score will be reps completed by BOTH team members.      
Athletes will need to cease moving on the call of "stop" and the distance will            
be taken after the machine finishes to record (limited to 800m)     
Teams can choose male/male female/female or male/female to participate.       
This is scored as a single event            
Part 2    - Partner WOD

The remaining 2 members will complete a 5 minute climbing ladder each of:
Snatch 65/42.5kg and Lat Burpee over bar (multiples of 2)            
Partner 1 will start first and perform their 5 minute climbing ladder.  At the 5 minute mark, partner 2 will take over and start again.  If the weight needs changing it is the responsibility of only the working pair to do this. 
Snatch can be power or squat snatch
Score will be the combined reps of both partners  
This is scored as a single event            
Part 3   - Air Run For Fun

Each team member is to perform 1:30 on the Air Runner for distance.  Team scores will be the combined meters made.  This will be done to a running clock.  The next team member is not allowed to hop on the air runner until the call of go.

This is scored as 1 event.

Part 4 - CrossFit Football Total

Teams have a 10 minute time cap to determine their combined CrossFit Football Total.

Teams must allocate 1 team member to each movement. 
1RM Power Clean            
1RM Back Squat            
1RM Bench Press            
1RM Deadlift            
There is no "3 attempt" rule for this.  Members can have as many efforts as required in the 10 minute allocation.  

Remaining team members are welcome to assist with weight changes and required to assist with spotting duties.            
This is scored as a 5 events.  Each movement will be scored as a separate event along with the team total as its own event.          

Smile Mikey......


The southern athletes have picked up their photo skills a bit better this week!