Affiliate Cup 2018 Schedule/Teams

The 2018 Affiliate Cup sees some new teams join us this year.  We welcome aboard CrossFit Somatic representing the North West and CrossFit Colossus - Kingston, representing South of Hobart.  Good luck guys and girls!

Both Northern and Southern Sectionals will take place on Friday nights this year.  Northern competitions will start from 6:30pm and Southern from 5:30pm.

Competing from the North of the state we have:
CrossFit Agema
CrossFit Somatic
CrossFit Levitate

Competing from the South of the state we have:
CrossFit Resonate
CrossFit Colossus - Mornington
CrossFit Colossus - Kingston
CrossFit 42 South (defending champions)
GTT (Go Team Training)

The top 2 in each region will go onto duke it out at the Festival of Strength on Saturday 3rd November, 2018. 

Basic Rules
Each team must nominate 6 athletes to compete for them over the competition.  Each week, 4 athletes get chosen by the teams to compete (2 male 2 female).  The event takes place at different gyms each week, giving some teams home advantage.  The night will consist of various workouts, some team workouts, some pairs and maybe some individual.  Points are awarded based on team placing.  After the initial 4 weeks, the teams that are placed 1 & 2 from each region are invited to compete at the Festival of Strength.

2018 Schedule

These are the dates and venues for each sectional

7/9 - CrossFit Colossus  & CrossFit Somatic
14/9 - CrossFit 42 South & CrossFit Levitate
21/9 - GTT & BYE
28/9 - CrossFit Resonate & CrossFit Agema

Team Roster

CrossFit Colossus - Mornington
Nic Garrett
Kodee Voss
Henry French
Tracy Lucas
Gaylene Pickrell
Clarissa Howe

CrossFit Colossus - Kingston
Stuart Gatward
Wade Fehre
Tim Sumpton
Lauren Brown
Bek Lay
Ella Glover

CrossFit 42 South
Codi Allie
Jake young
Matt Stevenson
Kath Olechowski
Bec Meissner
Kimberly Dodge 

Kahn Sandy
Jake Moore
Kyle Challenger
Nikki Salter
Darcy Elliston
Mhairi Kelly 

CrossFit Resonate
Kayla Pennicott
Bec Norquay
Chloe Eiszele
Darren Simpson
Eden Hills
Harry Parker

CrossFit Agema
Jaymeila Webb
Jennifer carter
Olivia Amourgis
Simon Lindsay
Michael Vinson
Clinton Morosini

CrossFit Somatic
Andrew Bennett
Max Watson
Chris Robertson
Madeline Bennett
Selina Stredwick
Ali Stephenson

CrossFit Levitate
Cody Stasek
Luke Fleming
Josh Poole
Jenna Sommerville
Alison Baker
Jo Beams