Festival of Strength State Wide Final Events

Start time: 12:45pm (SHARP!)

Part 1:

Teams must allocate one member to each of the following movements.

With a running clock and moving through each in the listed order, teams accumulate as much load moved on each in 6 minutes per movement.

Power Snatch
Overhead Squat
Power Clean
Front Squat

One bar (20kg) is to be shared by team. It is the teams responsibility to change weights between athletes as required.

Prior to starting the event teams must nominate athletes for movements and weights to be done. Once nominated these can’t be changed.

Teams cannot start the next movement until the time of 6 minutes per station has been reached.

Each event will be scored as an individual event along with the combined weight of all loads.

If the weight is under 40kg, a strict no dumping rule will be used. Any dumping of the weight will result in a 3 rep penalty. This also includes after the time change.

Part 1 is consists of 5 scoring opportunities.


Part 2

Teams are to select 2 members (male or female) for the following 12 Min AMRAP

10 Russian kg swings 32/24kg
10 CTB pull ups

Alternate partners every round. Russian swings must have hands and kettlebell above shoulders at the top of the swing to count.

This is scored as 1 event.

Part 3

The remaining 2 partners will have to complete a 10 Minute Row scored by calories.

Teams can only pull on the rower when the non-rowing partner has a barbell held overhead. The barbell weight is 80/55kg.

Any pull on the handle that starts or finishes when your partner does not have the barbell locked out overhead will cost a 5 calorie penalty off your score. Partners can swap positions as required.

In the event the rower is not used for an extended period and goes into power save mode (unlikely). The calorie count will be reset.

This is scored as 1 event

Part 4

With a 25 minute time, and In a relay format all team members to complete,

Thrusters 42.5/30kg

At the completion of Fran, teams then have the remaining time available to complete as many reps of clean and jerk at 80/55kg as possible.

This will be scored as 2 events. Teams will be scored as Fran completion time and for reps of Clean & jerk. Teams will have 2 barbells (20kg for men and 15kg for women).

Helpers Rule: The athlete that has finished Fran may help the next athlete complete their Fran reps in a partner format. Only the athlete that “bumped in” the current working athlete can assist. I.e. Athlete 1 finishes Fran and bumps in Athlete 2. Athlete 1 may help complete Fran with Athlete 2. Once Athlete 2 bumps in Athlete 3, Athlete 1 may no longer help but Athlete 2 can then assist Athlete 3. Once Athlete 3 bumps in Athlete 4, only Athlete 3 can assist Athlete 4 in completing Fran.

At the completion of Fran, Clean & Jerks can commence straight away after a tag is given by Athlete 4 to whomever teams select to start. Only one athlete can be doing clean and jerk at any time, and hi-5 tags must be given to prior to the next athlete commencing their reps.

Note, that in the event a team does not reach the clean & jerk, they will be scored zero points. Teams must complete 1 rep to score on any event.

Final Scores