Affiliate Cup 2017

CrossFit Resonate are pleased to be putting on the 2017 Affiliate Cup.

For the first time, we have now opened this annual competition to gym's outside of the CrossFit sphere.  Welcome aboard Go Team Training and Movement Effects! 


Southern Teams:

CrossFit Resonate

CrossFit Colossus

CrossFit 42 South

Go Team Training (GTT)


Northern Teams:

CrossFit Agema

CrossFit Levitate

CrossFit MSD

CrossFit Devonport

Movement Effects


Team Format
As per last year, teams will consist of 6 athletes, 3 female and 3 male.  Team member names must be provided to us by Friday 29th September.  No other athletes outside these 6 are permitted to compete for your Gym.  Each Friday/Saturday will require 4 team members to compete under your gym name (2 Male + 2 Female).  The top placed 2 teams from each region will be invited to compete at the Festival of Strength competition on 9th December 2017.  Again, only named athletes from the team will be permitted to participate in this comp.  There is no qualifying requirement for an athlete though.  They may not have done any of the 4 October rounds and still be eligible to compete in December.



Key Dates:
Some important dates:

·        Team Makeup by: Friday 29th September

·        First round Workout released: Sunday 1st October, 5pm

·        Website for information:

·        Start Times: 6pm Friday nights in the south, 10am Saturday Mornings in North



Southern Event Schedule:

Friday 6th October @ CrossFit Resonate

Friday 13th October @ CrossFit Colossus

Friday 20th October @ CrossFit 42 South

Friday 27th October @ CrossFit Resonate


Northern Event Schedule:

Saturday 7th October @ CrossFit Devonport

Saturday 14th October @ CrossFit MSD

Saturday 21st October @ CrossFit Levitate

Saturday 28th October @ CrossFit Agema


State-Wide Final

Saturday 9th December at Royal Hobart Showgrounds, from 2pm.


Weekly Format:

Each week on the preceding Sunday night, workouts will be released for that weekend here.  Whilst it is anticipated that the workouts are done exactly the same in the North and South areas, some allowances may be needed for equipment.   This will be sorted out during the week and advised to all teams.  The Northern sectionals will be organized and run by Chris Bellette from CrossFit Devonport.  He has the final say on any issues or deciding factors.


Time domain:

We are anticipating that all events should be done within 2 hours.