State Final Workouts - Festival of Strength, December 9.

The State final of the Bioflex Affiliate Cup will be held on Saturday 9th at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds as part of the Festival of Strength.

All series points are wiped and winner takes all for the final.

Event 1: Pairs Event, Mixed Teams

Box Jump

Deadlift Weights - Men 125kg, Women 85kg
Box Heights - Men 30", Women 24"

At the count of 3-2-1 Go, the male partner will complete the workout.  Once complete a physical tag must be made and the female partner will then complete the workout.  Only 1 barbell and box will be provided.  Competitors must change weights and flip the box over.

Event 2: Pairs Event, Remaining Mixed Team

6 Rounds for time of:
10 Single arm DB Snatch
100m Sprint

Each team will start with the male athlete.  After each round partners will alternate until the team has completed 6 rounds total.  Physical tag required upon round completion.  The DB Snatch must alternate arms.

Individual Events.
Each team must allocate 1 member to each station.

Individual 1: Conans Wheel. Weight TBC.  Competitors will have 60 seconds to move the wheel as far as possible.  Skids or frame is not allowed to touch the ground at any point.

Individual 2: AMRAP 5, Max Squat Clean & Jerk's.  Male weight is 75kg, Female weight 50kg.  The Squat clean is worth 1 point and the jerk also scored as 1 point.  However each must be completed in order to proceed.

Individual 3: Max Strict Pullups on Yoke - unbroken.

Individual 4: 5 Minutes to find a max 10m OH Yoke.  Teams can assist loading the yoke.

Final Event:

For reps:
1 minute max distance OH BB Lunge 60/40kg
Rest 1 minute
1 minute max reps pistols (L+R=2)
Rest 1 minute
1 minute max calories row


Establish a 1-rep-max shoulder-to-overhead for each athlete, in 12 minutes from the start of Event the whole event (first athlete on the OH BB Lunge).

One athlete starts at the first station. In the second minute, they move on and next athlete starts. And so on. Early athletes have more time to do 1-rep-max effort. Teams of 4.

This will be scored as 2 events.  Firstly all teams reps will be added up.  The second scoring change is all teams shoulder to overhead weights added up.  


Each event above will be scored on a 4 points for first, 3 for second, 2 for third and 1 for last.  There are 8 scoring events above, each worth a maximum of 4 points.