Week 2 Event List



Pairs Event 1

One male and female from each team to complete, in 12 minutes find the max weight the female can C&J and the male can then snatch. For example if the female C&J’s 80kg the boy must snatch it for the score to count.  The female athlete must complete the clean and jerk before the male attempts the snatch. 

Athletes will use a 15kg barbell, only 1 bar and weights per team.  Weight increases will be restricted to 2.5kg (1.25 each side).

The team score is the combined weight of the 2 lifts.  

Pairs Event 2

Remaining male and female to complete, 12 minute alternating climbing ladder:

10 double unders

1 Bar muscle up (or 3 CTB Pullups).  

Once the first athlete completes the rep scheme of the round, they next athlete would complete the next level of the scheme,   EG Boy 1 does 10 Du’s + 1 bar muscle up, girl does 20 Du’s + 2 bar muscle up, boy then does 30 DU’s + 3 bar muscle ups, girl then does 40 DU's + 4 Bar Muscle ups, etc.

CTB can be used instead of bar muscle ups, but must be done still unbroken and with a multiplier of 3.  Eg, boy 1 does 10 Du's + 3 CTB's, girl 1 does 20 DU's + 2 bar mup, boy 1 does 30 Du's + 9 CTB, girl 1 does 40 Du's + 4 Bar Mup's. In the event of teams being on the same round, the scores will be recorded to include the reps completed successfully in that final round.  This will include max effort reps that may not constitute a complete ladder.  Eg, at the call of time, team A has just completed the 100 double unders + 10 bar muscle up round.  In the next round, athlete 2 is attempting to finish 110+11 but only got to 90 double unders before breaking.  Score will be 10+90.  In the event that a team reaches a point they can't proceed past, their best unbroken effort will be taken as their score.

Athletes can rest at the top of the bar muscle up only with straight arms and must not let go of the rig.


Team event 1

Ski-Erg for Cal – 4 minutes.  Each team member has 1 minute on a running clock on the ski-erg for the team to score total cal.  Athletes must swap every minute and only have 1 turn each.  Athletes will start at one end of the gym and have to run to the ski-erg to start.  On change over, the active athlete must run back to the team and tag the next athlete before they move off the line.

Score will the calories obtained at the expiration of 4 minutes on the gym clock, not the ski-erg console.  Change-over instructions will be given each minute the gym clock ticks over.  The ski-erg will start in power save mode and be "woken" by the first athlete.


Team Event 2

As a team complete the following AMRAP20

20 Burpee box Jump Overs 30/24”
20 Squat cleans 80/60
20 C2B Pull Ups
20 Push Jerk 80/60kg

Only one athlete at each station.  Eg team 1 decides the following:
Member 1 Burpee Box Jump overs.
Member 2 Squat Cleans
Member 3 C2B Pullups
Member 4 Push Jerk
During the AMRAP only member 1 does the burpee box jumps,  When he/she is finished they hand tag member 2 who does the squat cleans, etc.  Once member 4 has completed the push jerk they hand tag member 1 who starts the next round for burpee box jump overs.

Teams will only have 1x 15kg barbell and weights.  If male/female are performing the cleans and jerks, teams will be responsible for swapping their own weights.

Teams cannot swap stations during the workout.

At the same time teams must row for distance as available.  Any athlete can row any distance or at any part, but of course the team cannot move through the AMRAP if the athlete on the rower is due to perform their reps.

This workout is scored as 2 separate events.  1 part is for the row distance and 1 is for the AMRAP.  Teams must complete 1 full round of the AMRAP and at least 3km row to score a point.  Failing to meet either of these requirements will result in a score of zero for that part of the event. 


This round has 5 scoring opportunities.  Scores will be given as 4 points for winning, 3 points for second, etc.  If teams fail to record a rep/distance in an event they will score 0.

Points for each round carry forward for the overall leaderboard.  The top 2 teams from each region will go into the final event at the Festival of Strength.



Northern Sectionals

Southern Sectionals