Week 4 Event List

Southern Sectionals on Friday 27th at CrossFit Resonate from 6pm.

Northern Sectionals on Saturday 28th at CrossFit Agema from 10am.



Event 1

Assign 1 person to each of the following tasks:

1.1 Max peg board climbs unbroken.  The athlete will have as long as required to ascend up and down the pegboard.  Feet cannot touch the ground and pegs cannot leave hands.  Each level of the peg board must be used on ascent and descent, however both pegs do not need to go in both levels (ie 1 level at a time).  Score is counted in reps, 1 rep per peg placement.

1.2 Max strict press for reps in 90 seconds.  Weights are 50/35kg.  Each rep must be reset and start from the shoulders.  This will be from racks.  The weight can be re-racked or dropped and cleaned.  

1.3 Max GHD Situps in 90 seconds.  Touch will be required on the ground and on the feet.  Athletes can rest or stop.  The rep will start with a touch on the ground and conclude with a touch on the feet.  Score will be repetitions performed.

1.4 Max distance OH Lunge with 2xKettlebell's 24/16kg in 90 seconds.  Athletes must hold 2 KB's overhead and lunge for distance.  No "stagger steps" are permitted, although the trailing leg is allowed to stand up next to the other leg prior to stepping forward.   In the event of a break or stagger, athletes need go back to the previous 1m mark and start again.  Score will be recorded in meters made.  The trailing knee is required to make contact with the ground.  If it does not and the athlete starts to move forward they will be required to return to the previous meter mark.

Each event here is scored as a separate event.

Event 2 - 13rm Front Squat

Each team has 15 Minutes for every athlete to find a 13rm Front Squat.  This weight will be taken from the ground.  Squat clean is OK for rep 1.  Each team will be assigned a 20kg barbell and appropriate weights.  Collars must be used and each weight must be confirmed and nominated with the judge prior to lifting.  Scores will be the team total.

Event 3 - “RICKY WOD”

In memory of our late coach, Ricky Maui, we will be performing his named workout as the last event.  Ricky Maui was one of our first CFR members, our Gymnastics Coach and a good friend.

3:45 Ring Muscle Ups

3.2 AMRAP 20
50 Double Unders
40 Pullups
30 TTB
10 Squat Snatch 50/35kg

The part 1 amrap is done for the time Ricky is on the CrossFit Resonate board at 30 muscle ups.

Each muscle up in part 1 is worth 10 reps for part 2, and overall scoring. So say you get 5 muscle ups, and complete 1 round, your score is 5×10=50 + 50+40+30+20+10 = 200

Each part of this workout (3.1 & 3.2) will be completed by pairs from each team.  Pair 1 will have 3:45 to complete as many ring muscle ups as possible.  Each ring muscle up completed is worth 10 points overall.  EG, a team completes 30 muscle ups, for the overall scoring that is worth 300 reps.

The remaining 2 team members will complete the 20 min amrap together.  Only 1 athlete working at a time, tag required on change of athlete.  Each rep in this part is only worth 1 point.  Completing a whole round is therefore worth 150 points.  

At the completion of the workout, both scores will be added together for the overall score.

Ricky Maui

For those of you who don’t know Ricky, here’s some words about him, written by his sister Danielle, who is also a CrossFit Resonate founding member:

Ricky was born in Hobart on 24.05.1991 and grew up in the northern suburbs. Ricky was an accomplished gymnast. His achievements included state champion at levels 4, 5, 7 & 8 and represented Tasmania at level 7 & 8 in the Australian Championships where he won bronze, silver & gold on the parallel bars over 3 consecutive years and was selected to represent Australia at level 7. Ricky was a high achiever in all aspects of his life. He was awarded apprentice of the year in his 3rd and 4th years of his carpentry trade. After his 16 years of gymnastics Ricky joined Crossfit Resonate in April 2013 after the constant nagging of his older sister Danielle and fell in love with the training instantly. Ricky’s gymnastics skills made him an excellent crossfitter from day 1 but he still worked hard to master every skill thrown at him. He was a quite achiever but when it came to fellow crossfitters achievements he was always very supportive & encouraging. Ricky took on the role of gymnastics coach at Resonate passing on his wealth of knowledge to his fellow crossfitters. Ricky first caught the eye of his partner Jacki at the box doing a backsault into a ring muscle up. Not long after at a crossfit party Danielle played cupid and got Ricky & Jacki dancing and it was love ever since. Ricky was the king of muscle ups, double unders, pull ups, T2B, handstand push ups & full snatch hence todays wod. Ricky would have smashed us at this workout but as soon as he was done he would have been straight by our side to cheer us on.