Week 3 Event List


Event 1 & 2- Team Required    
in 4 waves, 1 team member in each wave.  Athletes will work for as long as possible on the following EMOM:
8 Thrusters 42.5/30kg 8 lat bar burpees.

At 5 minutes, reps increase on each movement by 1.  at 10 minutes, by 2, 15 minutes by 3, etc.  Once you can't make the required reps within the time frame you are out.  Your score will be the total reps completed over the whole workout.  Heat waves will be:
4 male, 4 female, 4 male, then 4 female.  

Male athletes will use a 20kg barbell, female athletes a 15kg barbell.  There will be strict requirements on finish position of the thruster overhead.  Each teams female scores will be added together and will be awarded 4 points for the highest place 2 girls, 3 for second, etc.  The same will be done with male athletes to determine points allocation.  This is effectively 2 events. 

Event 3 - Team Required
All athletes work for 30 seconds each to accumulate AMRAP Cal on the airdyne.  For each athlete, the Airdyne will start in power save mode.  The clock on the airdyne will be used to determine the 30 seconds.  At the call of time, the athlete will let go all handles and feet must leave the pedals.  The airdyne will be allowed to tick over to the final calorie.  If it's deemed the athlete keeps applying effort post the call of time, 5 calories will be deducted.

Event 4 - 2 Athletes Required
Any two athletes do Open wod 14.4, one athlete working at a time, swap as required (can be two boys/girls or mixed).  

Athletes can break up the workout in anyway with the only stipulation being that they physically tag on changeover. The score will be completed reps.

Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of:
• 60-calorie row
• 50 toes-to-bars
• 40 wall-ball shots, 10/6kg to 10/9 Feet
• 30 cleans, 62.5/40kg
• 20 ring muscle-ups

Event 5 - 2 Athletes Required
The remaining 2 athletes have 10 minutes to accumulate as many back squats as possible for load moved. Each pair will share a 20kg barbell and weights.  This is from the rack.  Weight used can be different for each person, but cannot be changed.  E.G. Athlete 1 does 60kg and athlete 2 does 40kg, they cannot alter those weights at all.  Score is total weight moved when combined.  Bars will start empty and athletes must advise their judge of the weights each will squat prior to starting.