Week 1 Event List


The opening rounds workouts will take place at:

Southern Venue: CrossFit Resonate, 59a Albert Road, Friday 6th from 6pm.
Northern Venue: CrossFit Devonport, 32 Don Road, Saturday 7th from 10am.

Event 1: 2rm Bench

in 15 minutes, each team member is to find a 2 rep max bench press. This will be a PAUSED bench press. The athlete must display control at the top of the rep. Then they will be given a “down” signal. After a 1 second pause on the chest, a “press” signal will be given. The athlete must also display control at the top of the lift. This process will be repeated for the second lift. The team score will be the combined totals of all 4 athletes. Minimum increments for jumps are 2.5kg. Other team members can assist with spotting, un-racking the weight and re-racking. Any touch of the barbell by other athletes during the 2 reps will be deemed a failed attempt. All reps must be completed within the 15 minute time cap to count. Collars must be used. At all times during the lift, athletes feet must remain in contact with the ground.  Hips and head must not come off the bench or a no-lift will be given. The weight must be confirmed with the judge prior to attempting the lift.

Event 2: 2 Minute Station of:
Frame Carry 225kg
Handstand Walk
Airdyne Calories
Deadlift 120kg

Teams must assign 1 member to each station. Each workout is a 2 minute duration for max on effort on that station. Team members only participate in 1 part. The weights provided are fixed. There are no dual weights for male/female.

The frame carry will be done on a 10m track. The frame will start behind a line and be scored form the front passing over each meter.

The Handstand walk will be done on a 10m track. The athlete must start walking with feet behind the line, but can “reach” past the line with hands to start. Once the athlete reaches the end of the 10m section they can drop and turn to resume. If the athlete falls during the walk, or deviates off the track provided (10mx1m) then they will need to come back to the last 2m marking and start again (markings will be at 0,2,4,6,8m). Score will be to the meters gained from where the hands pass over. This will be scored to the odd distance also (eg, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

Airdyne Calories – as written

Deadlift Reps – Athletes will need to reset each rep. Hitching is OK, however athletes will be given a clear “REP” signal at the top of each lift. Athletes must wait for this signal for the lift to count. Dumping is not allowed, hands must stay on the barbell until it returns to the ground. Straps are Ok.

Event 3: Relay workout

In relay format with one athlete working at a time complete the following for time (20min cap):

Row 1km
10 Clean and Jerk 70/50
30 pull ups

IE, athlete 1 completes the whole workout, then runs back and tag’s athlete 2.  The next athletes can be sitting on the rower ready but cannot start until a physical tag has been made.  Each team is allocated 1 barbell and weights and must be swapped as needed by the other team mates.  Your time is when the 4th athlete finishes the final pullup.  In the event a team does not finish in the time cap, the score will be the completed athletes plus the final reps.  Eg, Team 1 has 3 athletes finish and the 4th person gets time capped on 5 clean & jerk their score will be 3 + 1005. 


Points will be awarded in each event based on placing.  The highest ranking ream receives 1 point, next highest 2 points, etc.  Overall placings will be determined by the totals.  Event 2 has 4 parts, each part is scored separately, effectively making it 6 events for the night.  In the case of a tie on points.  The team best placed on event 3 will be awarded the winning team on the night.

If an athlete fails to move an implement (eg 0m on the handstand walk) then no points will be awarded.  In this event, points will be distributed as normal for the other competitors.

Please ensure that at all times you are complying with the "spirit" of the competition.  If the movement standard is deemed to be altered too far from the intended exercise then athletes will be given zero warning and scored as such, regardless of if that meets the detailed requirements.