Final Teams for the Bioflex Affiliate Cup

Southern Teams

CrossFit Resonate
Kayla Pennicott
Danielle Maui
Amy Thompson
Eden Hills
Julian Cole
Darren Simpson

CrossFit 42 South
Kath Olechowski
Rach Hass
Alice barber
Jake young
Kirk Devereaux
Matt stevenson 

Kyle Challenger
Daniel Baer
Kahn Sandy
Nikki Salter
Darcy Joyce
Claire Haberle

CrossFit Colossus
Eleni Gallagher
Gaylene Pickrell
Juanita Mayne
Hamish McInerney
Henry French
John Donaghy

Northern Teams:

CrossFit MSD
Adam turner
Sam Townsend
Christian Byard
Elyse Hatchard
Sarah peisker
Lucy Clark

CrossFit Devonport
Rene O’Neill
Georgia Thomas
Jessie Sawtell
Thomas Brooks
Joe Loone
Eric Macqueen

CrossFit Agema
Jaymeila Webb
Beth Butt
Hannah Richardson
Michael Vinson
Shannon Manson
Simon Lindsay

Andrew Gleeson
Cody Stasek
Saul Smith
Punarai Churat
Melissa Sherrif
Sarah Brookes

CrossFit Levitate
Due to unforeseen unavailability Levitate will not be entering an Official team in the comp.  Each week they will compete as a guest team with a changing group of 4.  Points will not be awarded to them for the competition.