Affiliate Cup, Round 2 WOD's


Friday 15th from 5:30pm at CrossFit 42South, Saturday 16th from 9:30am at CrossFit Launceston

Part 1

Using a single rower, 1 male and 1 female from each team must row 4km for time.  Pairs must swap AT LEAST every 500m (can be earlier).  Upon every swap the member that just rowed must complete 5 Back Squats at 100/70kg (from racks) before the other member can start rowing.  Hand tags are required after the squat bar has been re-racked.  Only 1 bar and racks will be used per team.  It is the working members responsibility to swap weights.  Non-working members cannot help.  Collars are required.

Time cap: Till Finished.

Part 2

The remaining male and female athletes have 10 Minutes, with either a 15kg bar or 20kg bar, 120kg of weights, find the max weight for a 5 rep OHS.  Score combined weight.  Racks can be used.  Only 1 rack and 1 bar are to be used per working pair.  Non-working team members cannot assist with any weight changes.

Part 3

Death By Snatch 60/40kg

Every team member must complete death by snatch (any method) at 60/40kg.  Minute 1, perform 1 snatch, minute 2 = 2, minute 3 = etc.  Your score is the combined total of each member’s last successful round.  The heats will be mixed up among all affiliates.

Eg, team member 1 & 2 complete 8 rounds, team member 3 completes 9 and team member 4 completes 3 rounds, then the team score is 29 (8+8+9+4).