Affiliate Cup, Round 1 WOD's


Southern Round is on Friday 8th 5:30pm at CFR,

Northern Round is on Saturday 9th9:45am at Agema

Part 1
In 8 Minutes, with 1x15kg bar and 1x20kg bar, 200kg of weights, find the max weight for Clean & Jerk for 1 male and 1 female team member.  Score the combined total.

Part 2
The remaining Male and Female athlete will each perform the following deadlift timed sequence, scoring reps, using the car frame deadlift and a 250kg tyre on top.
60 Seconds for reps
rest 60 seconds
45 Seconds for reps
Rest 60 Seconds
30 Seconds for Reps
Rest 60 Seconds
15 Seconds for reps

Your score will be the total reps completed.  The female athlete will only use the tyre.  Male athletes will have and additional 40kg added.

Straps are OK.  No Dumping.

Part 3
In a tag team fashion, complete the following Fran variants – 1 athlete on each station, 25 minute cap.

21-15-9 – Normal Fran – Thrusters 42.5/30kg Pullups – Oly Bar

15-12-9 –  KB Fran – Thrusters 2x24/16kg KB’s – CTB Pullups

12-9-6 – Axel Bar Fran – Thrusters 60/40kg – Bar Muscle Ups

9-6-3 – Sandbag Fran – Thrusters 60/40kg Sandbag – Ring Muscle Ups

Note, each of the 3 parts is scored separately, with the best totals scoring the minimum points out of the total teams (4 in south and 5 in north).  In the event of a tie break,  the team with the best time on part 3 will score the win.