Affiliate Cup, Round 4, Regional Finals - WODs

Friday 29th at Colossus from 5:30pm, Saturday 30th at Move Strong from 9:30am.

The top 2 placed teams from each region (North and South) will compete on Saturday 13th at CrossFit 42 South for the State wide finals.

In the event of 2 teams finishing equal on points, the team that places highest in the round 4 finals will be deemed winner. In the event of tied scores in round 4, event 5 will form the tie-breaker with the team scoring best on that being the winner on the night.

All scores are reset for the state wide finals.

Part 1
With both female Athletes working together, take 10 Minutes to find their max 1 rep deadlift.  Score is combined total.  Straps are OK.

Part 2
With both male athletes working together, take 1 attempt to find the max number of CTB pullups each can perform for 1 unbroken set.  A break is deemed if the athlete drops off the rig.  The only rest position acceptable is a dead hang.

Score is the combined total. 

Time limit: 5 Minutes.  Each athlete can have as many attempts as required within the 5 minutes.

Part 3
Take 12 Minutes to fine a max 1 rep split jerk for all team members. Equipment is a choice of either a 20kg bar or 15kg bar, plus 120kg of weights.  Men and woman must all either bar nominated. Collars must be used.  Racks are OK.  All team members working together.  Push Jerk is not acceptable.  Press-outs are OK.

Part 4
Using 70% of the weight scored in part 3, AMRAP 2  - reps.  Each team member must compete, 1 at a time attempting to get as many reps as possible at 70% in their allocated 2 minutes.  

Scores will be the combined reps of all team members at 70%.

Weights are to be rounded up always.  Bar to be taken from the ground and collars must be used.

A running clock will be used with an allowance of 1 minute for weight changeovers between athletes.  All team members may assist with weight changes.  The order of your athletes must be given to your judge prior to the WOD starting.  Weights must verbally be confirmed before the reps count.

Note, the minimum weight for this part is 50/35kg.  If 70% of part 3 is lower, then 50/35kg will be used instead.

Part 5
In tag team format, teams to complete the following, 1 athlete per WOD Time-cap 30 Min.

Double Unders

Deadlifts 100/70kg
HSPU (CrossFit Games Open 2015 standard)

Power Cleans 60/40kg
Ring Dips

5 RFT of
Deadlifts 70/50kg
Hang Power Cleans 70/50kg
Push Jerk 70/50kg