Affiliate Cup, Round 3 WOD's


Friday 22nd at CFWX, Saturday 23rd at Levitate

Part 1

Beep test.

Every team member must perform the beep test (15m variant).  The score for this event is the combined totals of the last successful rounds completed by each member.  EG Team member 1 scores 10.1, team member 2 scores 9.5, team member 3 scores 12.11 and team member 4 scores 13.5, total will be scored at 10.01+9.05+12.11+13.05 = 44.22.

Part 2

CrossFit Baseline Test:
Every team member must perform the CrossFit Baseline WOD.  Your teams score will be taken when the last person finishes.  CrossFit Baseline is:

For Time:
500 m Row
40 Air Squats
30 Ab-Mat Situps
20 Push Ups (HR)
10 Pullups

This will be performed in a bump format, where only 1 athlete will be working on any station at any one time.  Only when the leading athlete has completed those reps will the subsequent athlete be able to start.  EG, athlete 1 starts for the team and finishes the 500m row then starts her air squats.  Athlete 2 jumps on the rower, if athlete 2 finishes the 500m row and athlete 1 is still performing the air squats, athlete 2 is not allowed to complete any air squats until athlete 1 has finished.  Also in this case, athlete 3 would not be able to start rowing as athlete 2 is still on the rower station.

Part 3

In 15 minutes, with the male pairs working together and the female pairs working together, from racks, each athlete must find their 20rm Back squat.  Scores will be the combined totals of all 4 athletes.

Each pair will have access to a 20 or 15kg bar, racks and 150/120kg of weights.


In the event of a tie, WOD 2 team score will be used as the tie breaker.