Affiliate Cup Finals - WOD's


Saturday 13th Feb at CrossFit 42 South Starting at 10am.

Northern Teams: CrossFit MSD, CrossFit Levitate
Southern Teams: CrossFit 42 South, CrossFit Colossus

Part 1.1
1 Male team member working, for time, move the following sandbags 15m to the loading platform:


1 Female team member working, for time, move the following sandbags 15m to the loading platform:


3 minute time-cap, hands must be off the sandbag.  Score is time to complete the loading.  If an athlete cannot load all the sandbags, the team score will be zero, no partial score will be given.

Sandbags cannot be carried by the collar. 

In that event the any team member scores a 0, that team will score the maximum 4 points from this event.  Multiple teams may be awarded 4 points.

Part 1.2:
Rising axel deadlift.  The other male and female that did not complete part 1, will (in conjunction with other competing teams) run through a rising deadlift bar challenge.   The bar will start at 140/80kg and every competing team member (1 male and 1 female from each 4 teams, so 1 male bar with 4 members and 1 female bar with 4 members starting) will be required to perform 1 rep.  The bar weight will rise by 10kg for each round, until there are only 2 competitors left on each bar, then it will slow to 5kg increments.  Score will be the highest weights of each combined lifter.  On the call of your name, athletes will have 30 seconds to complete the lift.  The highest lifter may continue to lift on his/her own until failure, hence adding more to the team total.  They will still be subject to the 30 second requirement and will still have to complete the incremental lifts.

Straps OK.

Strictly no dumping.  Hands must remain on the bar until it settles on the ground.

Part 2.1

One male and one female athlete complete the open WOD 15.5.  Both athletes working together, score is the combined times to complete.  No time-cap.
27-21-15-9 Reps for time of
Row (cal)
Thrusters 42.5/30kg

Part 2.2
The remaining male and female athlete not in part 2.1 are to complete the following AMRAP7
10m Hand Stand Walk (must be unbroken)
2 Rope Climbs 15’
1 Atlas Stone to platform 70/50kg

In the event of the call of time, if an athlete is on the handstand walk they will be given a score equivalent to meters made, measuring to their closest last point of contact of hands.

Feet must start behind the designated cones, hands can cross at the start.  The handstand walk must see both hands pass over the designated marker of 10m to be successful.  If both hands do not pass over the designated line, the walk must be recompleted.

Scores are the combined reps (each meter on the handstand walk = 1 point).

Part 3

1 male and 1 female partners working together complete rowing ½ Murph. 

Row 800m
50 Pullups
100 Pushups
150 Squats
Row 800m

Both athletes are required to complete the rows (working simultaneously).  The pullups/pushups/squats must be performed in the order written, ie all pullups then all pushups then all squats.  These are pair totals to achieve.  They reps can be broken up as each team wishes.   Partners cannot start the pullups until both partners have finished their row. 

Once the opening pairs have finished, the clock will reset and the remaining male and female pairs will also complete rowing ½ Murph.

Scores will be the combined times of both pairs. The time will be taken when the last person finishes the row.  Teams cannot start the final row until all the 50/100/150 have been successfully completed.


Affiliate Cup, Round 4, Regional Finals - WODs

Friday 29th at Colossus from 5:30pm, Saturday 30th at Move Strong from 9:30am.

The top 2 placed teams from each region (North and South) will compete on Saturday 13th at CrossFit 42 South for the State wide finals.

In the event of 2 teams finishing equal on points, the team that places highest in the round 4 finals will be deemed winner. In the event of tied scores in round 4, event 5 will form the tie-breaker with the team scoring best on that being the winner on the night.

All scores are reset for the state wide finals.

Part 1
With both female Athletes working together, take 10 Minutes to find their max 1 rep deadlift.  Score is combined total.  Straps are OK.

Part 2
With both male athletes working together, take 1 attempt to find the max number of CTB pullups each can perform for 1 unbroken set.  A break is deemed if the athlete drops off the rig.  The only rest position acceptable is a dead hang.

Score is the combined total. 

Time limit: 5 Minutes.  Each athlete can have as many attempts as required within the 5 minutes.

Part 3
Take 12 Minutes to fine a max 1 rep split jerk for all team members. Equipment is a choice of either a 20kg bar or 15kg bar, plus 120kg of weights.  Men and woman must all either bar nominated. Collars must be used.  Racks are OK.  All team members working together.  Push Jerk is not acceptable.  Press-outs are OK.

Part 4
Using 70% of the weight scored in part 3, AMRAP 2  - reps.  Each team member must compete, 1 at a time attempting to get as many reps as possible at 70% in their allocated 2 minutes.  

Scores will be the combined reps of all team members at 70%.

Weights are to be rounded up always.  Bar to be taken from the ground and collars must be used.

A running clock will be used with an allowance of 1 minute for weight changeovers between athletes.  All team members may assist with weight changes.  The order of your athletes must be given to your judge prior to the WOD starting.  Weights must verbally be confirmed before the reps count.

Note, the minimum weight for this part is 50/35kg.  If 70% of part 3 is lower, then 50/35kg will be used instead.

Part 5
In tag team format, teams to complete the following, 1 athlete per WOD Time-cap 30 Min.

Double Unders

Deadlifts 100/70kg
HSPU (CrossFit Games Open 2015 standard)

Power Cleans 60/40kg
Ring Dips

5 RFT of
Deadlifts 70/50kg
Hang Power Cleans 70/50kg
Push Jerk 70/50kg

Affiliate Cup, Round 3 WOD's


Friday 22nd at CFWX, Saturday 23rd at Levitate

Part 1

Beep test.

Every team member must perform the beep test (15m variant).  The score for this event is the combined totals of the last successful rounds completed by each member.  EG Team member 1 scores 10.1, team member 2 scores 9.5, team member 3 scores 12.11 and team member 4 scores 13.5, total will be scored at 10.01+9.05+12.11+13.05 = 44.22.

Part 2

CrossFit Baseline Test:
Every team member must perform the CrossFit Baseline WOD.  Your teams score will be taken when the last person finishes.  CrossFit Baseline is:

For Time:
500 m Row
40 Air Squats
30 Ab-Mat Situps
20 Push Ups (HR)
10 Pullups

This will be performed in a bump format, where only 1 athlete will be working on any station at any one time.  Only when the leading athlete has completed those reps will the subsequent athlete be able to start.  EG, athlete 1 starts for the team and finishes the 500m row then starts her air squats.  Athlete 2 jumps on the rower, if athlete 2 finishes the 500m row and athlete 1 is still performing the air squats, athlete 2 is not allowed to complete any air squats until athlete 1 has finished.  Also in this case, athlete 3 would not be able to start rowing as athlete 2 is still on the rower station.

Part 3

In 15 minutes, with the male pairs working together and the female pairs working together, from racks, each athlete must find their 20rm Back squat.  Scores will be the combined totals of all 4 athletes.

Each pair will have access to a 20 or 15kg bar, racks and 150/120kg of weights.


In the event of a tie, WOD 2 team score will be used as the tie breaker.

Affiliate Cup, Round 2 WOD's


Friday 15th from 5:30pm at CrossFit 42South, Saturday 16th from 9:30am at CrossFit Launceston

Part 1

Using a single rower, 1 male and 1 female from each team must row 4km for time.  Pairs must swap AT LEAST every 500m (can be earlier).  Upon every swap the member that just rowed must complete 5 Back Squats at 100/70kg (from racks) before the other member can start rowing.  Hand tags are required after the squat bar has been re-racked.  Only 1 bar and racks will be used per team.  It is the working members responsibility to swap weights.  Non-working members cannot help.  Collars are required.

Time cap: Till Finished.

Part 2

The remaining male and female athletes have 10 Minutes, with either a 15kg bar or 20kg bar, 120kg of weights, find the max weight for a 5 rep OHS.  Score combined weight.  Racks can be used.  Only 1 rack and 1 bar are to be used per working pair.  Non-working team members cannot assist with any weight changes.

Part 3

Death By Snatch 60/40kg

Every team member must complete death by snatch (any method) at 60/40kg.  Minute 1, perform 1 snatch, minute 2 = 2, minute 3 = etc.  Your score is the combined total of each member’s last successful round.  The heats will be mixed up among all affiliates.

Eg, team member 1 & 2 complete 8 rounds, team member 3 completes 9 and team member 4 completes 3 rounds, then the team score is 29 (8+8+9+4).


Affiliate Cup, Round 1 WOD's


Southern Round is on Friday 8th 5:30pm at CFR,

Northern Round is on Saturday 9th9:45am at Agema

Part 1
In 8 Minutes, with 1x15kg bar and 1x20kg bar, 200kg of weights, find the max weight for Clean & Jerk for 1 male and 1 female team member.  Score the combined total.

Part 2
The remaining Male and Female athlete will each perform the following deadlift timed sequence, scoring reps, using the car frame deadlift and a 250kg tyre on top.
60 Seconds for reps
rest 60 seconds
45 Seconds for reps
Rest 60 Seconds
30 Seconds for Reps
Rest 60 Seconds
15 Seconds for reps

Your score will be the total reps completed.  The female athlete will only use the tyre.  Male athletes will have and additional 40kg added.

Straps are OK.  No Dumping.

Part 3
In a tag team fashion, complete the following Fran variants – 1 athlete on each station, 25 minute cap.

21-15-9 – Normal Fran – Thrusters 42.5/30kg Pullups – Oly Bar

15-12-9 –  KB Fran – Thrusters 2x24/16kg KB’s – CTB Pullups

12-9-6 – Axel Bar Fran – Thrusters 60/40kg – Bar Muscle Ups

9-6-3 – Sandbag Fran – Thrusters 60/40kg Sandbag – Ring Muscle Ups

Note, each of the 3 parts is scored separately, with the best totals scoring the minimum points out of the total teams (4 in south and 5 in north).  In the event of a tie break,  the team with the best time on part 3 will score the win.