Affiliate Cup 2019

Welcome to Buff Strength and Conditioning for joining the event this year.

Changes for 2019

This year the top 2 teams from the North and top 3 teams from the south will qualify for the finals at the Festival of Strength.

The finals at the Festival of Strength will be elimination style, culminating in the top 2 teams competing head to head.

This year we will be allowing the 6 team members to be used in the finals. This does NOT mean there will be a 6 person WOD though, however you will be able to select from your 6 members for any of the events. There is no requirement to have all 6 attend. The qualifying rounds will remain as is with teams needing to select 2 females and 2 males to represent.

Southern Teams

CrossFit Resonate, CrossFit Colossus Mornington, CrossFit Colossus Kingston, CrossFit 42 South and GTT.

Southern Schedule

July 12 @CrossFit 42 South
July 19 @GTT
July 26 @CrossFit Colossus
August 2 @CrossFit Resonate

Northern Teams

CrossFit Agema, CrossFit Levitate and Buff Strenth & Conditioning

Northern Schedule

July 12 @CrossFit Leviate
July 19 @Rest
July 26 @Buff Fitness
August 2 @CrossFit Agema

State-wide Finals will be held at the Festival of Strength on September 14th.

Teams will consist of 3 males and 3 females with the regular rules of 2+2 competing each week.

About the Affiliate Cup

The Affiliate Cup is Tasmania’s premier “gym v gym” competition. It pits teams of 6 against each other over the 4 weeks of the competition. The finalists go on to compete for the Fittest Gym in Tasmania title at the Festival of Strength on 14th September 2019 at the Hobart Showgrounds. The 2019 Affiliate Cup will be the 5th year of the event.

This year we are excited to announce that the first place team from the Festival of Strength Finals will qualify and receive free entry to the Allstar Championship - 7th/8th December 2019 - VIC (Melbourne Showgrounds Expo Hall, Epson Road, Ascot Vale, Victoria)


Festival of Strength State Wide Final Events

Start time: 12:45pm (SHARP!)

Part 1:

Teams must allocate one member to each of the following movements.

With a running clock and moving through each in the listed order, teams accumulate as much load moved on each in 6 minutes per movement.

Power Snatch
Overhead Squat
Power Clean
Front Squat

One bar (20kg) is to be shared by team. It is the teams responsibility to change weights between athletes as required.

Prior to starting the event teams must nominate athletes for movements and weights to be done. Once nominated these can’t be changed.

Teams cannot start the next movement until the time of 6 minutes per station has been reached.

Each event will be scored as an individual event along with the combined weight of all loads.

If the weight is under 40kg, a strict no dumping rule will be used. Any dumping of the weight will result in a 3 rep penalty. This also includes after the time change.

Part 1 is consists of 5 scoring opportunities.


Part 2

Teams are to select 2 members (male or female) for the following 12 Min AMRAP

10 Russian kg swings 32/24kg
10 CTB pull ups

Alternate partners every round. Russian swings must have hands and kettlebell above shoulders at the top of the swing to count.

This is scored as 1 event.

Part 3

The remaining 2 partners will have to complete a 10 Minute Row scored by calories.

Teams can only pull on the rower when the non-rowing partner has a barbell held overhead. The barbell weight is 80/55kg.

Any pull on the handle that starts or finishes when your partner does not have the barbell locked out overhead will cost a 5 calorie penalty off your score. Partners can swap positions as required.

In the event the rower is not used for an extended period and goes into power save mode (unlikely). The calorie count will be reset.

This is scored as 1 event

Part 4

With a 25 minute time, and In a relay format all team members to complete,

Thrusters 42.5/30kg

At the completion of Fran, teams then have the remaining time available to complete as many reps of clean and jerk at 80/55kg as possible.

This will be scored as 2 events. Teams will be scored as Fran completion time and for reps of Clean & jerk. Teams will have 2 barbells (20kg for men and 15kg for women).

Helpers Rule: The athlete that has finished Fran may help the next athlete complete their Fran reps in a partner format. Only the athlete that “bumped in” the current working athlete can assist. I.e. Athlete 1 finishes Fran and bumps in Athlete 2. Athlete 1 may help complete Fran with Athlete 2. Once Athlete 2 bumps in Athlete 3, Athlete 1 may no longer help but Athlete 2 can then assist Athlete 3. Once Athlete 3 bumps in Athlete 4, only Athlete 3 can assist Athlete 4 in completing Fran.

At the completion of Fran, Clean & Jerks can commence straight away after a tag is given by Athlete 4 to whomever teams select to start. Only one athlete can be doing clean and jerk at any time, and hi-5 tags must be given to prior to the next athlete commencing their reps.

Note, that in the event a team does not reach the clean & jerk, they will be scored zero points. Teams must complete 1 rep to score on any event.

Final Scores

Week 4 (Final Round) Events

DATE    28/09/2018    



Part 1 - Individual Fun

Each team member to complete max reps in 90 seconds of one of the following

Peg Board (must climb through each level)
Double Unders
Shoulder to Overhead 60/40kg
Deadlift 150/110kg

This is scored as a 4 separate events

Part 2 - Partner WOD 1

With a 10 minute time cap, choose 2 partners to complete

10 Cal Row
10 Pullups

This is scored as a single event. Partners must alternate rounds.

Part 3 - Partner WOD 2

In 5 minutes, the remaining 2 partners, whilst holding a 160/120kg deadlift off the ground must perform max repetitions of

Kettlebell Thrusters (2x24/16kg).

Thrusters can only be performed while the bar is lifted. If the bar is dumped at any stage, the KB's must also return to the ground for reset KB's cannot be moved until the bar is up off the ground Teams can use 2 bars if they have a mixed pair.

This is scored as a single event

Part 4 - Team Event - "Ricky WOD"

Splitting into 2 pairs, teams must allocate a pair to each of the following

First Part

3:45 of Ring Muscle ups

Second Part

AMRAP 20 of:
50 Double Unders
40 Pullups
30 Toes to Bar
10 Squat Snatch 50/35kg

Partners can alternate as required within their part of the workout. All the muscle ups will be completed prior to all teams starting the AMRAP

This is scored as 3 events, the muscle up section, the AMRAP section and an overall. On the overall score, each muscle up is awarded 10 points.

E.g. the 2 athletes perform 15 muscle ups in part 1 and then the second 2 athletes perform 1 round + 50 Double unders. This would be scored as:
Part 1 = 15x10=150
Part 2 = 50+40+30+20+10+50= 200
Part 3 = 150+200=350


Week 3 Events

Date    21/09/2018    

GTT (Southern Event only)

Part 1 - Partner WOD

2 members will have 10 minutes to work through AMRAP of the following            
400m Air Runner            
100 Double Unders    
400m Row            
This will be in a bump format, team member 1 starts and goes through the workout            
Team member 2 can start on a station only when team member 1 is finished.  The            
score will be reps completed by BOTH team members.      
Athletes will need to cease moving on the call of "stop" and the distance will            
be taken after the machine finishes to record (limited to 800m)     
Teams can choose male/male female/female or male/female to participate.       
This is scored as a single event            
Part 2    - Partner WOD

The remaining 2 members will complete a 5 minute climbing ladder each of:
Snatch 65/42.5kg and Lat Burpee over bar (multiples of 2)            
Partner 1 will start first and perform their 5 minute climbing ladder.  At the 5 minute mark, partner 2 will take over and start again.  If the weight needs changing it is the responsibility of only the working pair to do this. 
Snatch can be power or squat snatch
Score will be the combined reps of both partners  
This is scored as a single event            
Part 3   - Air Run For Fun

Each team member is to perform 1:30 on the Air Runner for distance.  Team scores will be the combined meters made.  This will be done to a running clock.  The next team member is not allowed to hop on the air runner until the call of go.

This is scored as 1 event.

Part 4 - CrossFit Football Total

Teams have a 10 minute time cap to determine their combined CrossFit Football Total.

Teams must allocate 1 team member to each movement. 
1RM Power Clean            
1RM Back Squat            
1RM Bench Press            
1RM Deadlift            
There is no "3 attempt" rule for this.  Members can have as many efforts as required in the 10 minute allocation.  

Remaining team members are welcome to assist with weight changes and required to assist with spotting duties.            
This is scored as a 5 events.  Each movement will be scored as a separate event along with the team total as its own event.          

Smile Mikey......


The southern athletes have picked up their photo skills a bit better this week!


Week 2 Events

DATE 14/09/2018





Part 1 - 13RM Front Squat

Each team has 12 minutes for each member to establish a 13rm Front squat.  Bar taken from racks single bar per team.  Collars required.

This is scored as 2 separate events.  All female athletes will be scored individually and all male athletes the same.  Each athlete will be assigned a point score (out of 10 for south and 6 for North reflecting the number of each males and females competing).  These points will be added together per team and then used to determine overall placing.  This will then be used to form the same 5-4-3-2-1 or 3-2-1 point format.

Part 2 - Male Partner WOD

Both male team members are to participate in the following:

8 Burpee Box Jump Overs 30/24"
10 Air Dyne Cal

Partners swap each round.  Burpees must be facing the boxes.  Stepping up is not allowed.  The air dyne must be reset each round by the non-working partner only.

This is scored as a single event

Part 3 - Female Partner WOD

Female team members to alternate rounds of an increasing EMOM workout.  Every 2 minutes 1 rep will be added to each movement.  

5 Pullups
10 Pushups (HR)
15 Air Squats

Minute 1, one female does the 5+10+15 then minute 2 the partner will complete the same rep scheme.  Providing they both achieve the reps required in under the minute, reps increase to 6+11+16 and continue with both partners performing their respective minute of work again. 

Once you miss a round or do not complete it in the time cap, your team is out and that is your score including the final round reps. 

Score will be the reps completed successfully, including the reps in the missed minute.

IMPORTANT: Pushups will be peformed with feet, hands and chest on 20kg plates.  Hips are not allowed to touch the ground at any point for a repetition to be successful. The pushup rep will be required to start at the top position.

This is scored as a single event

Part 4 - Partner DT

5 Rounds For Time
12 Deadlifts 70/50kg
9 Hang Power Cleans 70/50kg
6 Push Jerks 70/50kg

This event will require teams to complete DT in partnership. 

Both males will be required to complete "DT" First.  Once they have completed DT, they will tag in the female partners who will then complete DT. 

Only 1 bar will be given per team.  Weights will need to be changed by the team after the male partners have finished their part.

Reps can be broken up as required

Score will be the finished time of the Female pairs.  There is a time cap of 15 minutes.  In the event a team fails to finish, they will be scored for reps.

This is scored as a single event


Safe to say the Northern teams are much better at getting organised for group photos!




Week 1 Events

Date 7/09/2018

Venue CrossFit Somatic

CrossFit Colossus Mornington


Part 1 - Individual Death By's

Allocate 1 member to each of the following tasks

Chest to Bar
Thrusters 60/40kg
Wall Climbs (start and finish with chest on ground)
Wall Ball 10/6kg (10/9 Feet Targets)

The rep scheme will be in multiples of 3 for Thrusters and Chest to bar. 

The rep scheme will be in multiples of 5 for Wall Ball

The rep scheme will be in singles for wall climbs

Maximum time on each is 10 minutes.  In the event that an athlete completes all reps in the 10 minute time window, the 11th minute will be for max reps completed

This is scored as a 4 separate events

Part 2 - Team Girl WODs

Allocate 1 member from each team to the following Girl workouts.  Each girl workout will be completed in a "tag" format.  Only 1 barbell and weights will be provided per team. Teams must change the weights as needed. Collars required.

Time cap 15 minutes

Elizabeth (squat clean version)

This is scored as a single event

Part 3 - Rowing

Whilst Part 2 is being performed, teams will also have a rower that will be scored for distance at the end of 15 minutes.  Team members can swap whenever they need.

This is scored as a single event

Part 4 - Team Workout

Team members are to attempt to complete the following climbing ladder

Burpees (multiples of 3's) and double unders (multiples of 10's).

Team members swap each round.

I.e. Team member  1 performs 3 burpees + 10 Double unders in the first minute

Team member 2 then performs 6 burpees + 20 double unders in the second minute

Team member 3 then performs 9 burpees + 30 double unders in the third

Team member 4 then performs 12 burpees + 40 double unders in the fourth minute

Team member 1 then performs 15 burpees + 50 double unders in the fith minute


Score will be the highest completed round + the reps completed in the next round.  You cannot change the team order during the workout.

This is scored as a single event



Affiliate Cup 2018 Schedule/Teams

The 2018 Affiliate Cup sees some new teams join us this year.  We welcome aboard CrossFit Somatic representing the North West and CrossFit Colossus - Kingston, representing South of Hobart.  Good luck guys and girls!

Both Northern and Southern Sectionals will take place on Friday nights this year.  Northern competitions will start from 6:30pm and Southern from 5:30pm.

Competing from the North of the state we have:
CrossFit Agema
CrossFit Somatic
CrossFit Levitate

Competing from the South of the state we have:
CrossFit Resonate
CrossFit Colossus - Mornington
CrossFit Colossus - Kingston
CrossFit 42 South (defending champions)
GTT (Go Team Training)

The top 2 in each region will go onto duke it out at the Festival of Strength on Saturday 3rd November, 2018. 

Basic Rules
Each team must nominate 6 athletes to compete for them over the competition.  Each week, 4 athletes get chosen by the teams to compete (2 male 2 female).  The event takes place at different gyms each week, giving some teams home advantage.  The night will consist of various workouts, some team workouts, some pairs and maybe some individual.  Points are awarded based on team placing.  After the initial 4 weeks, the teams that are placed 1 & 2 from each region are invited to compete at the Festival of Strength.

2018 Schedule

These are the dates and venues for each sectional

7/9 - CrossFit Colossus  & CrossFit Somatic
14/9 - CrossFit 42 South & CrossFit Levitate
21/9 - GTT & BYE
28/9 - CrossFit Resonate & CrossFit Agema

Team Roster

CrossFit Colossus - Mornington
Nic Garrett
Kodee Voss
Henry French
Tracy Lucas
Gaylene Pickrell
Clarissa Howe

CrossFit Colossus - Kingston
Stuart Gatward
Wade Fehre
Tim Sumpton
Lauren Brown
Bek Lay
Ella Glover

CrossFit 42 South
Codi Allie
Jake young
Matt Stevenson
Kath Olechowski
Bec Meissner
Kimberly Dodge 

Kahn Sandy
Jake Moore
Kyle Challenger
Nikki Salter
Darcy Elliston
Mhairi Kelly 

CrossFit Resonate
Kayla Pennicott
Bec Norquay
Chloe Eiszele
Darren Simpson
Eden Hills
Harry Parker

CrossFit Agema
Jaymeila Webb
Jennifer carter
Olivia Amourgis
Simon Lindsay
Michael Vinson
Clinton Morosini

CrossFit Somatic
Andrew Bennett
Max Watson
Chris Robertson
Madeline Bennett
Selina Stredwick
Ali Stephenson

CrossFit Levitate
Cody Stasek
Luke Fleming
Josh Poole
Jenna Sommerville
Alison Baker
Jo Beams