The 2020 Hobart Hit Out will be back on 15th February at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds. Book it in your calendar now!


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Hobart Hit-Out

Date: Saturday 16th February 2019

Start Time: 8am SHARP!

Venue: Hobart Showgrounds Betting Pavilion (Same venue as Festival of Strength)

Cost: $65 Per Person

Link to Entry: Purchase your ticket here.

Please ensure you also fill out the WAIVER and ENTRY FORM and email them to

Entries will be capped.


Open category for male and female

Scaled Athletes (must scale all workouts and nominate for scaling pre comp), Male and Female


Three Fast paced workouts for every athlete.    

Again Faster Australia are the major sponsor of the competition.  An Again Faster Competition Pull-Up rig will be onsite.

2 of the 3 workouts will be released leading up to the event.


There will be a final (4th) workout for the top placed entrants in each category (open, scaled).


All WOD’s will be typical CrossFit Style WOD’s.  Each Athlete will be required to judge as well as participate.

Each athlete will complete 3 workouts.  Rankings will be given as 1 point for first, 2 points for second, etc.    At the completion of the 3 workouts, the top placed athletes compete in the final event.  The final event is a winner take all style!

TLDR: Steps to enter:

  1. Purchase your entry here (ENTRIES CLOSED)

  2. Download & Fill out the waiver and email to

  3. Download & fill out the entry form and email to

Workout 1

10 Thrusters
Score: Load moved over the 8 minutes

Athletes will choose their own weights. Your score will be the combined weight moved over each successful minute of thrusters. No partial score will be given for minutes where 10 reps are not completed.

You may change weight after each 10 if you wish but once you perform 1 rep in the minute you cannot change until the next minute.

Eg: Athlete 1 starts at 30kg. and goes
Minute 1: 30kg
Minute 2: 30kg
Minute 3: 30kg
Minute 4: 30kg
Minute 5: 30kg
Minute 6: 30kg
Minute 7: 30kg
Minute 8: 35kg
Their score for this workout is (30kg* 10 * 7 Rounds + 35kg *10 = 2450kg).

Minimum weight jumps will be 2.5kg

If this athlete started minute 8 and had done 1 rep again at 30kg, then they would not have been allowed to change the weight to 35kg. After their 10 reps in Minute 7 they do not need to wait until the start of minute 8 to change the weights. Collars must always be used. Reps can be broken up and squat clean to thrusters are acceptable. These are strict thrusters and front squats to press/jerk or any jerking are not permitted.

The scaled version will allow front squat to push jerk. Should scaled athletes have mobility issues, please discuss this with your head coach and have them discuss this with organisers so we can be aware.

Workout 2

The second workout for the Hobart Hitout of 2019.

Workout 3

2019 Winners and Results

Rxd Women

1st Charrae Myers (Unaffiliated)
2nd Alison Baker (CrossFit Levitate)
3rd Georgia Thomas (CrossFit Agema)


1st Simon Shipway (CrossFit Dignus)
2nd Nathan Geard (CrossFit Agema)
3rd Nico Garrett (CrossFit Colossus)

Scaled Women

1st Lucy Byers (Byers Fitness)
2nd Punarai Churat (Movement Effects)
3rd Ali Dawson (Unaffiliated)

Scaled Men

1st David Catt (CrossFit Agema)
2nd Cyrus Salehi (CrossFit Colossus)
3rd Aaron Maxwell (Uni Gym)